WWE: Ring of Honor Stars That Would Blow the Lid off WWE

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistJanuary 21, 2012

Friday, January 20th was Ring of Honor’s Homecoming show at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory in Philadelphia. As usual, RoH put on a show that was far above what you would expect from an underground federation.

Like ECW before it, RoH is pushing the limits of wrestling, but instead of using extreme to innovate the sport, they are using technical excellence mixed with storytelling that makes sense.

Something WWE should take note of.

With recent influx of former Ring of Honor stars in the WWE (e.g., CM Punk and Daniel Bryan), more and more people are starting to hop on the bandwagon and realize that these guys are the best in the business.

All of the following stars would be too great for the WWE and blow the lid right off the place.


1) Briscoe Brothers

There is no better tag team in all of professional wrestling right now than the Briscoe Brothers in RoH. With a masterful mix of technical dominance, bullish swagger and an incredible gimmick that is no gimmick to them, they have captured the hearts and minds of their blue-collar followers.

If the duo were to venture to WWE, they would surely be repackaged as some terrible gimmick by the people in charge. The Briscoes are TOO GOOD for WWE.

They are not PG by any stretch of the imagination and love to cut promos that have the crowd laughing and their opponents shaking. WWE would stop all of that talent with one lollipop gimmick.

With the RoH tag gold around their waste, there is no reason for the duo to make the jump right now. If WWE would agree to keep their current gimmick, though, they would be more than honored to turn the whole business on its ear.


2) Chris Hero

Although his deal with the WWE fell through, Chris Hero still has more talent than 90 percent of the workers in the company right now, and it’s a matter of time before they come crawling back.

With an excellent ability to work the microphone, Hero allows his cockiness and swagger to make him one of the better heels in underground wrestling. Not to mention how good Hero is as a technical wrestler.

With the perfect combination of charisma, mic skills and wrestling abilities, Hero is the perfect character to play a heel in the mold of a Christian or Daniel Bryan.

While Hero is best suited for dominating the Ring of Honor, he would be a serious contender in any federation that would have him.


3) Jay Lethal

There is no question that WWE has royally missed the boat on Jay Lethal, but they shouldn’t feel too bad. TNA had him under contract with an amazing gimmick and still managed to screw it up.

The Homecoming match in Philadelphia against Davey Richards showed the pure technical excellence that Lethal holds, but he also showed the charisma that people say he lacked.

With a fearlessness that very few people have in the business anymore, Lethal is not only perfect for RoH, he is what the company stands for. WWE wouldn’t treat him right.

While it’s every star’s dream to work for the big WWE, stars like Jay Lethal would be relegated to jobbing after a failed run because of poor WWE storylines. He should stay in RoH and just enjoy being great with people that appreciate it.


4) Davey Richards

For those who don’t know what kind of wrestler Davey Richards is, he is another version of Daniel Bryan. I view their move sets and abilities, as well as their attitudes, as very similar.

While Richards is the definition of mat technician, he still remains willing and able enough to air it out as often as possible. With the RoH World and TV titles around his waist right now, there is no way Richards should go anywhere right now.

With that said, guys like CM Punk and Bryan are paving the way for guys like Richards and Roderick Strong to get in the WWE.

I still don’t believe that the common wrestling fan would get behind Richards, but his aggression and talents will have certain people behind him like they were for Rob Van Dam.


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