Top 5 Underrated WWE Royal Rumble Matches in WWE History

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterJanuary 21, 2012

Top 5 Underrated WWE Royal Rumble Matches in WWE History

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    We are just over one week away from the Royal Rumble! It is easily my favorite match all year. WrestleMania will always be the best event around, but the 30 man match is the most anticipated match.

    With that being said, I am going to shine some light on a few matches that have been forgotten. We all know about the great matches held at the Rumble PPV. Triple H vs. Cactus Jack. John Cena vs. Umaga. We all know about those.

    Today, I give some credit to others that have not always got the respect they deserve. For those wondering, actual Royal Rumble matches do not count! Here are my top five.

5. Edge vs Rey Mysterio in 2008

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    What a match!

    It was less than 10 minutes, but these two did not need any more time. Edge was the reigning World Champion. Rey Mysterio was the challenger. The outcome was obvious, but that didn't matter.

    These two are professionals. There is a reason these two will be in the WWE Hall of Fame one day. For one more reason why, watch this match!

4. Undertaker vs Mysterio in 2010

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    Yes, I am showing Rey Rey some attention today!

    I don't think a lot of fans realize how good he is. In the right situations, he was as good as the best of them. In 2010, he found himself in another World Title. Yet again, he stood no chance.

    However, that did not stop him and Undertaker from putting on a great show. The sad thing is that this match is hardly remembered. Honestly, who even thought this match took place at the Rumble?


    I suggest everybody check it out. Well worth it...

3. JBL vs Angle vs Show in 2005

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    This was for the WWE Championship. It was also another match that mans fans do not even remember took place. That is shame in my book.

    JBL had one of the greatest WWE title reigns of the past decade, and he gets next to no credit for his in-ring skills. The man put on great match after great match in 2004 and 2005. At the Royal Rumble, he had a wonderful match against Kurt Angle and Big Show.

    There as interference from about ten different wrestlers, but it worked! JBL retained his gold, and the event continued. Minutes later, this match was forgotten about. I would give this video another viewing just as a reminder to how entertaining JBL was...

2. Dudleyz vs Batista and Ric Flair in 2004

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    Everybody knows about the Dudleyz and the Hardyz tag match in 2000. We all remember that great Tables match. This list is for underrated matches though.

    In 2004, there was another Tables match at the Rumble event. This time it was for the World Tag Team titles. The champions were Batista and Ric Flair. Their opponent were (of course) the Dudleyz.

    This match opened up the 2004 event and really does not get the respect it deserves. All four men worked hard, and the right team won. For those who have never seen this match, I highly enjoyed this! Please check it out. You won't be disappointed!

1. Edge vs Cena in 2006

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    What an excellent video package!

    Go ahead. Name me a few classic John Cena vs. Edge matches!

    Their TLC match? Their Last Man Standing match? Their steel cage match? Their match at Summerslam? Any others? I am sure there are tons more.

    In my mind, their match at the Rumble was incredible. I think a lot of it had to do with the outcome being so unpredictable. Also, it was because both wrestlers are top notch performers in this industry.

    Either way, this was a great WWE Championship match. In the end, Cena made Edge tap out, and it was the right move. Both men had phenomenal careers afterwards (Edge has retired), and their feud is till raked very highly in WWE history. 

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