UFC on FX 1 Results: 5 Fights for Jim Miller to Take Next

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIJanuary 21, 2012

UFC on FX 1 Results: 5 Fights for Jim Miller to Take Next

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    Jim Miller did a great job winning last night and now he should relax and enjoy the success and the submission of the night bonus he scored.

    For fans and journalists it is just the beginning, as we decide who he should fight next. After a fight like that, with the finish he secured, only top lightweights should be considered. Miller needs to parlay this win into something big or risk being left to string victories together and then lose a fight as he reaches the top.

    Fans want to see Miller again and after the outing he just had. Here are five fighters who would make his next fight just as memorable.

Sean Sherk

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    Sherk is still with the UFC even if he hasn't fought since 2010. It may not be the biggest match Miller could get, but his opponent would have serious cage rust and have a huge name.

    He would get Miller a lot of attention, though, as there are people who want to see Sherk compete again. Sherk is also coming off a win against Evan Dunham, though, it was disputed by some. Beating an ex-champ who won his last fight would help Miller's case as he campaigns for top fights in the UFC.

    It would also be the biggest name he has ever beaten and solidify his resume as a top lightweight.

    The fight would be easy to make as Sherk has shown interest in fighting Miller before, when he was hoping to return to the cage back in fall of 2011.  It would easily be a co-main event for a card as well.

Clay Guida

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    The truth is Clay Guida could be put in a fight with any lightweight and it would seem appealing. That is just the kind of fighter he is.

    He knows this and the fans do as well. That is why they tune in to watch him compete.

    A fight with Miller would get a lot of viewers and also get Miller a lot of attention.

    That is Miller's biggest problem. He is a great fighter but not one that really gets noticed. A fight with Guida could change that.

    Guida is coming off a loss to Benson Henderson, the same man who beat Miller, so the fight even makes sense when it comes to where each man stands in the rankings.

    A win could get Miller an even more high-profile fight and a fight of the night bonus if he can stave Guida off for the three to five rounds they compete.

Nate Diaz

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    Diaz just got done fighting Donald Cerrone, but the young trash talker would probably be more than willing to step into the cage with Miller.

    Diaz has now won two fights in a row, with the first being against Takanori Gomi and the second being over Cerrone. The first won submission of the night and the second won fight of the night.

    Just like a fight with Guida, there would be a bonus involved in this one, but it could go a long way in getting Miller's name out there.

    It could also get him a lot of fans.

    The Diaz brothers aren't exactly loved by all MMA fans and having a match against Diaz could help Miller find a soft spot in fans' hearts. Then he could use that built up goodwill to get a title shot.

Jacob Volkmann

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    Jacob Volkmann is the polar opposite of every other fighter on this list in terms of popularity. It doesn't help that he decides to bring politics into the cage, but his style isn't that exciting, either.

    Despite that he is undefeated at lightweight, having lost his first two matches with the UFC at welterweight, he has won his last five. And though some have been by split decision and every one of them has gone the distance, he is still a top lightweight.

    A fight with him won't get Miller an immediate title shot. It probably won't even get him into a co-main event slot.

    It will get him a solid win, though, and a better argument for him to face the top of the food chain in his next fight and perhaps an opportunity at the top if he proves dominant.

    It is something that Miller wouldn't like, but at the same time, something he is used to.

Gray Maynard

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    This fight is the one that makes the most sense. Maynard has a win over Miller and is coming off a loss against lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

    Miller lost to him back in 2009, so enough time has gone by that fans could be interested in a rematch.

    Miller lost to him via unanimous decision, but history doesn't have to repeat itself, and if Miller gets the fight and wins, he will have removed one of the three losses on his record.

    One of the other two was against Frankie Edgar back before either one was in the UFC. If he can beat Maynard, he sets up a perfect storyline and reason to why he should fight the champion.

    Maynard is a big name and just came off a thrilling trilogy. It will be tough to convince the former challenger to rematch a man he already beat.

    The only thing trickier then getting that fight would be winning it.

    If Miller can do both, he just might find himself fighting for UFC gold.


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