UFC on FX Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

Matt Saccaro@@mattsaccaroContributor IIIJanuary 21, 2012

UFC on FX Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

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    The UFC's FX debut is in the books. Jim Miller quickly submitted Melvin Guillard and Josh Neer choked Muay Thai phenom Duane "Bang" Ludwig unconscious.

    There were other fights and happenings throughout the night that answered lingering questions the MMA world had, and taught an important lesson or two.

    What were these circumstances and what did they show us? Read and find out!

Nick Denis and Daniel Pineda Are Legitimate Prospects

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    Bantamweight Nick Denis ran through his opponent with one of the sickest knockouts via elbows inside the clinch MMA has ever seen.

    Denis is an accomplished fighter and will definitely make an impact at 135; his career should be watched with great interest.

    The same praises can be given to Daniel Pineda, who swiftly dispatched his opponent with a rear-naked choke in slightly over a minute.

Fabrício Camões Is Back

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    Brazilian Fabrício Camões may have been forced out of the UFC in his initial run with the company, but he proved in his return fight against Tommy Haden that he has the tools to be successful (and exciting) in the UFC; the Brazilian is back and better than ever.

Daniel Roberts Never Evolved

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    Daniel Roberts has some great submission skills, but the rest of his MMA game never developed to match it, specifically his wrestling.

    His takedowns weren't the greatest and his lack of takedown defense was exploited by wrestler Charlie Brenneman at UFC on FX.

    This was Roberts' third straight loss in the UFC, so it's unlikely he'll be back anytime soon, which is a shame because he was a very aggressive submission specialist, but that's just it: he was too specialized in an ever-evolving MMA world.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Is Good but Still Rough Around the Edges

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    Russian prospect Khabib Nurmagomedov out-wrestled and eventually submitted the veteran Kamal Shalorus in a good performance, but it wasn't great.

    Nurmagomedov showcased some spectacular wrestling and grappling, but his striking seemed awkward and tense.

    If he is to become a true mixed martial artist and contend with the best of the division, he'll need to correct these problems.

    Nevertheless, at 23 years of age, the night is young for the Russian and he'll likely be top five in the division within the next couple of years.

Pat Barry Is Evolving

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    The Pat Barry of old (a kickboxer trying to do MMA) would've been submitted by Christian Morecraft's rear-naked choke, or by his deep armbar.

    However, the Pat Barry who stepped into the cage at UFC on FX was not the Pat Barry of old.

    This Barry came with increased overall MMA skills. While his takedown defense wasn't exactly commendable, his submission defense was markedly improved and it got him out of two dangerous situations which ultimately enabled him to get the devastating KO victory over Morecraft.

Melvin Guillard Still Has No Submission Defense/Power Isn't Everything

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    One of the big questions heading into the main event between Jim Miller and Melvin Guillard was how well Miller would hold up against Guillard's power. Some pundits and fans suggested that Guillard's punches would simply be too strong for the albeit hard-chinned Miller.

    This wasn't the case, as Guillard's power couldn't make up for his historic lack of submission defense.

    Once the fight hit the floor, it was all over. Miller quickly took Guillard's back and choked him out, proving his submission defense is still lacking (nine out of 10 losses are by submission) and power can't overcome everything.

The UFC Needs to a Plan If the Undercard Fights Are Really Short

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    The first three undercard fights were over in less than six minutes.

    While this seems like a good thing, it's not a good thing for live television.

    The Fuel broadcast that aired the preliminaries had to make it until 9:00 PM, so what fans got after three exciting fights was endless droning by Jay Glazer and Stephan Bonnar as well as dozens of commercials.

    It'd be nice if the UFC could have SOMETHING planned for situations like this.

Jon Anik and Kenny Florian Will Be Fine

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    There was some debate as to whether or not Jon Anik and Kenny Florian would be a good announce team, but they did fine.

    Both men had a lot of positive energy and did a sufficient job of explaining things (although Joe Rogan is much better, but he has a lot more experience).

    If there's any problem, it's just that Anik and Florian sound kind of similar, but that's a minor nitpick.

    They both have a future as the UFC's secondary broadcast team and they should be proud.