Why the Cruiserweight Division Should Return to the WWE

Tyler Emken@tylerkemkenContributor IIIJanuary 23, 2012

What you are witnessing is great talent being wasted.
What you are witnessing is great talent being wasted.

Certain things don't make a lot of sense to me.

For instance, what is Daniel Bryan doing going up against the likes of Big Show and Mark Henry for the Heavyweight championship?  

Daniel Bryan is a spectacularly talented wrestler, but going up against giants does not benefit his skill set in the least.  He spends most of those matches just trying to survive.  You don't get to see why many wrestling fans think Bryan is the best in the world.

You know what division Bryan would rule and actually be fun to watch in?  A revitalized Cruiserweight division.

Most of us that have '90s nostalgia remember WCW Nitro's fantastic Cruiserweight division.  I recently watched WWE's Chris Jericho documentary and he talked at length about how good those Cruiserweight matches were.

 I have been watching all of the random WCW Cruiserweight matches I can lately and all I can think about is how the WWE has a perfect crop of talent to bring this division back.

Bringing back this division serves two distinct purposes: It gives the directionless direction and gives the WWE midcard matches that purists would love.

Go ahead and take a look at Smackdown's current roster.  It's pretty... unexciting, isn't it?  With a little jostling here and there, the WWE could turn Smackdown into a veritable Cruiserweight festival.  CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne (provided he comes back), Sin Cara, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel are all wrestlers who would thrive in a Cruiserweight environment.  

This would be especially good for ex-Nexus members Slater and Gabriel, who would finally have something to work towards.  What is Kofi Kingston doing right now?  Bourne is out for 60 days.  He might as well be working towards a title.  

Success in the Cruiserweights would give minor superstars a push towards bigger and better things, just like what happened for Jericho, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio in the '90s.

The WWE would also be smart to cater to its base a little bit with this one.  The Cruiserweight division could be a showcase for smaller wrestlers with great in ring skills.  

This would allow the WWE to play both the more casual fan who just wants to see Attitude Adjustments and the purist who wants to see more technical wrestling. 

I know this would probably never happen.  That being said, a revitalized Cruiserweight division would give some of the low to midcard feuds a bit more teeth and push the WWE's youth movement forward.