FC Barcelona: Gerard Pique Criticizes Real Madrid's Pepe for His Behavior

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IJanuary 20, 2012

Gerard Pique
Gerard PiqueDenis Doyle/Getty Images

Gerard Pique criticized Pepe of Real Madrid after it appeared that the latter stepped on Messi. The declarations were published on goal.com

Pique said that he does not have a teammate with a personality like Pepe, and that he was thankful for that fact.

During his press conference, Pique expressed hopes that the Spanish World Football Federation would investigate Pepe via its disciplinary committee. Pique also praised Messi as a human being both on and off the field.

Pepe should be investigated for what he did to Messi during the match between the two La Liga giants. If the Spanish World Football Federation (via its Disciplinary Committee) upheld the yellow card for Iniesta, it should discipline Pepe for his anti-professional stance towards Messi.

The film footage of what happened shows the act of violence against Messi. Hopefully Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid manager) sees the video, so that he can take the appropriate measures against Pepe.