Nebraska Football: Ranking the Top 6 Recruits of the 2012 Class so Far

Mike WehlingAnalyst IJanuary 19, 2012

Nebraska Football: Ranking the Top 6 Recruits of the 2012 Class so Far

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    With the regular and bowl season over, college football now focuses on recruiting. 

    Nebraska has a small class this season, with a projected number at around 16, which could either be higher or lower.  So far, 11 recruits have committed to Nebraska, to play in front of the Sea of Red and to pass underneath the sign before every game that says "I Play For Nebraska."

    While Nebraska may get some more recruits, including some chances for some of the top players in the country, the recruits who have committed have filled some key spots for Nebraska. 

    This ranking is not only who the best players are who are coming to Nebraska, but also the players who I think have a chance to come in and immediately play and make an impact upon Nebraska.

No. 6 Greg McMullen

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    Greg McMullen

    Defensive End

    Akron, Ohio

    McMullen is one of the best defensive ends in the country this year, according to both ESPN and

    Ranked as a 3-star in both, McMullen is a great defensive playmaker.  He can provide pass rush (something Nebraska has been lacking), and he can stuff the run. 

    In his first year on campus, he may not see much playing time as the defensive end position is loaded with upperclassmen.  However, he has a great chance to play in 2013 as four defensive ends on the depth chart will have graduated including starter Cameron Meredith.

    McMullen is the best recruit Nebraska has gotten out of Ohio, even after some overtures by other Big Ten schools, McMullen stayed true to Nebraska. 

    He has a chance to become the star of the defensive line, whether at the defensive end spot or a move to the inside at defensive tackle.

No. 5 Tommy Armstrong

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    Tommy Armstong


    Cibolo, TX

    Tommy Armstrong is ranked as the No. 5 overall QB in the 2012 class by, though ESPN has him much lower.  Your choice on which to believe. 

    Armstrong has a really good arm, and he can run, which is something Nebraska likes in its quarterbacks. He's calm in the pocket and can escape pressure and throw on the run.  He honestly looks like the quarterback of the future for Nebraska.

    He will battle backup quarterback Brion Carnes for the backup spot. Carnes is the cousin of legendary quarterback Tommie Frazier. 

    Armstorng may not get his shot until after Martinez graduates in two years though.  Even then, Carnes will still have one year of eligibility remaining. 

    However the game of football is a competition, and Bo preaches that no starting job is safe. If the backup is performing better than you, the backup suddenly becomes the starter.

No. 4 Jordan Westerkamp

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    Jordan Westerkamp

    Wide Receiver

    Lombard, Illinois

    Westerkamp is ranked as either the 36th or 53rd-best recruit by Scout or ESPN respectively. 

    Westerkamp commited to Nebraska early in the recruiting cycle but then received interest from Notre Dame after his amazing game in the Illinois State Championship Game.  About a month after he received a scholarship from Notre Dame, he reaffirmed his commitment to Nebraska. Husker Nation could finally breath easily. 

    Westerkamp is a great wide receiver and might be one of the best receivers to have ever been recruited to Nebraska.

    Westerkamp could see playing time immediately, but he also might get stuck in the depth chart.  Nebraska has Quincy Enunwa and Kenny Bell as the starters for receivers, Tim Marlowe and Jamal Turner in the third spot splitting time. 

    However, Westerkamp could step in and immediately play as the fourth wide receiver when Nebraska has that many receivers on the field, or he may even push past another receiver and move up in the depth chart. 

    Turner did it his freshman year; it might be possible.

No. 3 Zaire Anderson

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    Zaire Anderson

    JUCO Linebacker

    Riverside, California

    Nebraska is in desperate need of some linebackers, as the linebacker corps this year was not the greatest, save for Lavonte David. 

    Anderson has something in common with David. He too is an JUCO transfer.  He hopes to become the next David, in that he has instant success at the linebacker spot, and Husker Nation hopes for that as well.

    Anderson has a great chance to start immediately and make a great impact.  Other than Will Compton, Nebraska has no real experienced linebacker who has seen playing time.  Odds are he will ease into Lavonte David's spot as the WILL linebacker.

    David's backup was a senior last year, and his backup was also a senior. All of the BUCK linebackers will graduate next year...Did I mention Nebraska needs depth and stars at the linebacker position? 

    Anderson will hopefully provide that boost at linebacker.

No. 2 Michael Rose

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    Michael Rose


    Kansas City, Missouri

    Rose holds the distinction of being Nebraska's first commit in the 2012 class, committing in March of last year.  Rose is not only of the best recruits Nebraska has gotten, he's also one of Nebraska's top recruiters. Scout has Rose as the 14th best middle linebacker, and ESPN has him as the fourth best inside linebacker and is part of ESPN's 150 class.

    He went to several of Nebraska's games this year and has done his best to convince other recruits to come to Nebraska.   He's very loyal to Nebraska.  Kansas coach Charlie Weis tried to pry him away.

    It didn't work, and Weis had a hilarious response to Rose shooting him down. With Rose saying that Weis said "I hope we play Nebraska and whip their a**!", great guy huh?

    Rose could honestly start very early for Nebraska.  He's an explosive linebacker who can make plays in a corps that's severely lacking in playmakers.  His competition at MIKE linebacker is the only experienced linebacker for Nebraska—Will Compton. 

    However, if Rose is as good as he seems to be, he won't stay on the bench for long.

No. 1 Mohammed Seisay

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    Mohammed Seisay

    JUCO Cornerback

    Thatcher, Arizona

    If there was one position that Nebraska needed more than linebackers, it's cornerbacks. 

    The past few years, Nebraska has been spoiled by some great secondary players.  Several have ended up in the NFL—Eric Hagg, Dejon Gomes, Prince Amukamara, Larry Asante and Alfonzo Dennard, a projected first-round pick.  Seisay hopes to continue that tradition of great secondary players. 

    Seisay is a shutdown corner, which Nebraska needs.  The only returning cornerback with extensive playing time is Andrew Green, who started opposite Dennard.  Other than that, it's a mix of players who have seen mop-up time or play when there are injuries. 

    Pelini's defensive scheme relies on the cornerbacks, shutting down the opponent's receivers to allow the defensive line to get to the QB.  That did not always happen this year as Dennard was injured, and the other cornerbacks were not as experienced. 

    With a player like Seisay, Nebraska can shut down a receiver and allow Pelini's scheme to work.