Chicago Blackhawks: 10 of the Best Andrew Shaw Facts from Twitter

Samantha Hoffmann@hawksnumbah1galCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2012

Chicago Blackhawks: 10 of the Best Andrew Shaw Facts from Twitter

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    Young Andrew Shaw is taking the Chicago Blackhawks by storm, with five goals and one assist in eight games.

    He quickly has become a fan favorite with his hard-to-the-net style and habit of always finishing his checks, even though he is one of the smaller guys in the league at only 5'10".

    After the Blackhawks' 6-2 win over the Buffalo Sabres, a trending topic on Twitter was #ShawFacts. The following slideshow presents 10 of the best of these tweets.

Fact No. 1

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    Every time Barney Stinson says, “Wait for it…” '‘It'’ means Andrew Shaw.


Fact No. 2

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    Chuck Norris wishes he was Andrew Shaw.


Fact No. 3

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    From a fellow Bleacher Report author:

    Shaw watched #Blackhawks home games on TV in 2005.


Fact No. 4

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    Next year's Blackhawks' holiday CD will all be songs about Andrew Shaw. 


Fact No. 5

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    If he decided to play baseball, the Cubs would win the World Series.


Fact No. 6

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    Shaw was the only person allowed on Wikipedia today.


Fact No. 7

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    The Sedin twins have shared nightmares about Andrew Shaw.


Fact No. 8

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    Charlie Sheen has tiger blood? Tigers have Shaw blood. 


Fact No. 9

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    "Santa" is loosely based on Andrew Shaw. They had to tone it down a bit, otherwise even children wouldn't believe it.


Fact No. 10

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    Andrew Shaw found Nemo.