WWE: CM Punk's 10 Best Tweets on His Twitter Page

Rob Manisero@robmaniCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2012

WWE: CM Punk's 10 Best Tweets on His Twitter Page

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    It is hard to believe that just a short time ago, the WWE was fully against Twitter and any of its superstars using the website.

    Now the social media phenomenon is being embraced: Every star needs to have a Twitter, and the trending topics are plugged on TV every five minutes.

    One man who has used his page to great perfection is CM Punk. If you follow the current WWE Champion, it is for a mix of funny and newsworthy tweets from the Straight-Edge Superstar. He has even used some of his tweets to start rampant speculation on the Internet about certain topics.

    Here are CM Punk's 10 best tweets on his Twitter page.

10) Go Ahead, Fire Me

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    This was the beginning of CM Punk's true rise to becoming a superstar. He was fresh off one of the best promos in the history of the business, sending shock waves through the industry.

    After watching the show and seeing his tweet from that night, it became obvious just how serious Punk seemed about leaving the WWE. We know now that he would return far too early, but it became the most talked-about event since The Rock's return and the Nexus decimating everything in their path.

    The Stone Cold shirt was a nice touch as well.

    I'm in full, "what are they going to do, fire me?" mode.

     - CM Punk (@CMPunk) June 27, 2011

9) Bashing the People's Champ

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    Although The Rock has made his return to the WWE, his successful acting career keeps him from appearing live very often. Because of this, he often makes appearances on the big screen (no, not the movie screen) when he is promoting future events.

    Well, CM Punk does not think too kindly of The Rock. I am sure there is a respect evident because of all The Rock has done for the business, but Punk probably is not thrilled that the main event of WrestleMania was set a year in advance.

    Nonetheless, Punk took a little dig at the Great One here, and it will not be the last one present on this slideshow.

    Tomorrow, I will go to the gym. Via satellite.

    — CM Punk (@CMPunk) March 1, 2011

8) Read Between the Lines

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    Chances are that if you follow CM Punk on Twitter, one of the main reasons you do it is for the sarcasm that ensues.

    Well, apparently, some people do not.

    So Punk filled them in on some important information. Short, sweet and to the point. Just the way Twitter was meant to be used.

    My tweets go over so many heads. Hey people! I am a sarcastic asshole! Alert! Alert! Think before you tweet/misspell.

    — CM Punk (@CMPunk) August 12, 2011

7) You Can't See Me

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    This one picture set the Internet "dirt sheets" on fire.

    Speculation was rampant when Punk posted this photo of an X-ray for an apparent hand injury. He added in a little flavor by mocking Cena and his tagline. Websites attempted to jump on this image, speculating what might have happened to the Straight-Edge Superstar.

    Whatever it was, it must not have been too serious, since Punk has not missed any time. Chances are it was solely done to throw everyone off.

    Hustle. Loyalty. Respect. twitter.com/CMPunk/status/…

    — CM Punk (@CMPunk) December 6, 2011

6) It's True, It's Damn True

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    Kurt Angle is quite the character. One minute, he praises TNA and everything about them. The next, he is starting his own rumors about returning to the WWE. I think someone needs attention.

    All of that boils down to one night: WrestleMania. Kurt, probably sitting at home and watching the show, gets a bit jealous because TNA will never be able to have an event of that caliber. So what does he do? Goes to Twitter.

    Plenty of tweets were sent out that night, and then they were all deemed hacked. 

    Not many people believed him. As you can see, CM Punk was in that group.

    "my twitter account was hacked" is the new: "I'm a sloppy drunk douche."

    — CM Punk (@CMPunk) April 4, 2011

5) TV-PG

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    One of the wonderful perks of being in the PG era is a lack of blood. Sure, it may have been used fairly often in the Attitude Era, but in my opinion, if the company is going to have Hell in a Cell, no holds barred and I quit matches, blood makes a world of difference.

    Punk accurately sums up the PG era in less than 140 characters. There have been plenty of great matches that do not need blood, but there are some where the red stuff is almost necessary.

    A precedent was set in the Attitude Era for most fans, and it is hard to abolish the use of blood completely, which is what has occurred over the past couple of years.

    The canvas used to be stained with blood. Now it's stained with fake tanner. #iwantwrestling

    — CM Punk (@CMPunk) February 21, 2011

4) Talking Smack to the Rattlesnake

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    This tweet is just a snippet of the Twitter war that has gone on between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin. It seems that these two are continuing to tease the fans at a possible dream match in the near future.

    The story writes itself. The beer-drinking SOB vs. the Straight-Edge Superstar. All you need is right there.

    Add in two of the great talkers in the business, and it is a feud that millions of fans would pay to see. We can only hope that they are planting the seeds for this interaction to occur.

    @steveaustinBSR wait, you do Cardio? Legit question.

    — CM Punk (@CMPunk) March 30, 2011

3) "I'm Never Ever Going Away"

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    This one is just hysterical, and it is another shot at the People's Champion.

    Not much more to say, so just check out the picture. There are many more of these pictures out there on the Internet, and they are definitely worth checking out.


    — CM Punk (@CMPunk) March 7, 2011

2) The Culmination of a Long Journey

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    Just a year ago, no one would have thought this picture could have been taken.

    Many fans who watched Punk and Bryan for the last few years hoped it would, but it seemed unrealistic that the WWE would allow their top two stars to be guys who made themselves on the independent circuit.

    This picture is hopefully the start of a new revolution in the WWE. Guys like Seth Rollins are set to make their debut fairly soon, and the focus on actual wrestling is hopefully the new focal point.

    Now, let us see how long they can hold on to those titles.

    Two Indy schmucks didn't do so bad, Eh? twitter.com/CMPunk/status/…

    — CM Punk (@CMPunk) December 19, 2011

1) No Trophy Case Necessary, Just a Fridge

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    When you have the power to put the WWE title in a fridge, that is one hell of an accomplishment.

    Not only did CM Punk earn that right, he was nice enough to share the evidence via Twitter. And it is quite a funny sight.

    It is a shame the storyline ended so early; Punk could have done so many innovative things while being the champ without a contract. It would have provided for an amazing dynamic, and it did for the short week it occurred. It was absolute gold, and it is the reason Punk is now the man.

    “@WWEUniverse: It's 12:00 a.m. ... Do you know where your WWE Champion is? #MITB @CMPunk”The champ is...here:yfrog.com/kkb09zyj

    — CM Punk (@CMPunk) July 18, 2011

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