WWE News: More Changes to PPV Schedule, TLC Dropped and Bragging Rights Moved

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WWE News: More Changes to PPV Schedule, TLC Dropped and Bragging Rights Moved
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There is a long list of things that WWE fans don’t like about the company, from the lack of tag team wrestling to the struggling Divas Division. 

Near the very top of that list is the WWE’s pay-per-view philosophy. 

We don’t like how the PPVs are so close together, how they’re so expensive and how they often feature the same matches over and over again. The WWE took a step toward fixing one of those problems by dropping Vengeance from the PPV schedule earlier this month, though, and it looks like the company has made some more PPV changes. 

From WrestleZone.com

According to wwe.com/shows , the 2012 PPV schedule has changed yet again.

Late last year, it was reported that "Bragging Rights" would be returning to fill the slot for June, fitting in between "Over The Limit" in May and "Money In The Bank" in July. The site now shows a graphic for the "Fatal 4-Way" PPV in that slot.

In addition, it seems that they are doing away with the "TLC" pay-per-view that normally fits in around December time as they have replaced that graphic with that of the "Bragging Rights" PPV. 

Wow. A couple of terrible decisions have been made here. 

For starters, Fatal Four-Way was dropped for a reason: It sucked. Though Fatal Four-Way matches can be fun when done right, having a pay-per-view named after the match essentially forces the WWE to book four-way title feuds when they might not necessarily make sense at the time. 

Like with the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (where HIAC matches should only be used at the end of intense, lengthy rivalries), Fatal Four-Way matches should only be used when necessary, and bringing back that PPV is sure to prevent that from happening. 

Also, why on Earth would you move Bragging Rights to the PPV slot immediately after Survivor Series? 

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The main selling point of Bragging Rights is the inter-brand, elimination style tag team matches, and you get at least one of those at Survivor Series as well. Unless the plan is to eliminate the traditional five-on-five match from Survivor Series (a decision I wouldn’t like), then putting those two PPVs back-to-back would be like following the Hell in a Cell PPV with, well, Hell in a Cell. 

It’s really going to water down the concept of the elimination style tag team matches, which really is a shame because those matches used to be great to watch. 

I guess the only positive out of the WWE’s most recent PPV changes is that WWE TLC is gone. While I like TLC and ladder matches, this PPV also has killed the concept of both of those bouts. 

Plus, a chairs match might be one of the dumbest gimmick matches in WWE history. See you later, sucker—you won’t be missed.

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