WWE Royal Rumble: Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes Would Be Better at This Sunday's PPV

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IJanuary 24, 2012

When Cody Rhodes' feud with Booker T was coming to an end, his brother Dustin (better known to many fans as Goldust) had been brought in to confront his brother. For the last few years there have been rumours of a Goldust vs. Cody match in the works.

One of the first times was when the younger Rhodes was a part of Orton's Legacy stable. At the 2009 Royal Rumble, they had a brief confrontation before Orton dished out an RKO to the Gold One. For the past couple of years the rumour has been on and off.

Ironically, despite all the rumours there has never been a more opportune time to have this match than right now.

Back in 2002, Goldust formed a tag-team partnership with Booker T, and they became surprisingly popular. Booker was a reluctant partner, always trying to be rid of his "friend"—whilst Goldie would constantly turn up with gestures that had good intentions, but were always misread by the five-time WCW Champion. Despite this, they would go on to win the World Tag Team Championship (albeit their reign was a paltry 22 days).

Either way, the history between these two has given WWE the ideal material to finally re-introduce Goldust into the company to have a feud with his younger brother.

In my article's title, I say a match between Cody and Dustin would be better at the Royal Rumble PPV. Let me quickly state what I mean by saying "better". In no way do I think that match will be improved by being placed in the January spectacular. The match, provided it has a decent amount of planning and allows both men to play to their strengths—will hold up nicely.

Before disappearing due to injury, Dustin was showing some of his best in-ring work of recent years. Hopefully he is capable of reaching these heights one more time. As for Cody, he is showing himself to be one of those guys who can put on a good match with most competitors.

The main reason I want this match to happen at the Rumble is because if it doesn't, I fear it will happen at WrestleMania.

Once again I state that I think if both men are up to the challenge, it could turn out to be a really good match. But let me ask you a question first.

Do you remember when the last time the Intercontinental Championship was defended at WrestleMania?

It was almost three years ago at WrestleMania XXV when Rey Mysterio defeated John Bradshaw Layfield in 21 seconds to capture the championship.

For the last proper Intercontinental Championship match at WWE's biggest PPV we would have to go back to 2002 and WrestleMania X8.

Rhodes vs. Rhodes for the championship at WrestleMania would not be an advantage for the match. With the amazing run Cody has done with the title, it would be a mistake to make him lose it to a guy who will not benefit from winning it from him. Therefore, the likelihood of Dustin making a successful capture is slim.

This is why the match would be better at the Royal Rumble. The event still has a sense of epic-ness with it being one of the Big Four PPVs. Yet WWE could sacrifice the title defense in order to shake up the predictability of the match, or make it a standard affair of Rhodes retaining the title (whether it is legit or DQ).

At WrestleMania I would prefer to see Cody defend the Intercontinental Championship, but against someone who would benefit from the match and be more capable of putting on a WrestleMania quality performance when the situation desires.

So in the end, let Cody vs. Dustin go ahead. It will be a great match and allow the Rhodes brothers to play out one more dream of theirs. I just hope the match is played out at an earlier event.

The match may be able to reach good heights, but at Mania Cody should wrestle someone more on his level and put on a fantastic match instead.