The Chelsea Transfer Policy: As It Should Be

jack waltonContributor IJanuary 5, 2009

Right. Its January, and that means it's time to do what all Chelsea fans love. Talk about buying and selling players.

I thought I'd go for an upbeat look at the transfer window, and suggest a few ins/outs that would make me smile, personally.

1. Malouda Out

This one has been sounded out among many of us last year at Chelsea. Stamford Bridge over the last few years hasn't been the most understanding of homes for players who take more than a season to show us why we bought them (and rightfully so). And after over a year and a half of dwindling expectations, patience among the fans has worn a little thin. But who would replace him?

2. Drenthe In

I saw this kid in the Euro under 21s just before he became a Chelsea target. Its quite funny that Liverpool bought Ryan Babel shortly after seeing him excel in the competition, when in fact it was Drenthe who deserved more of the plaudits for Holland winning the tournament.

The word assist springs to mind with young Roysten (at least more than with Malouda). I certainly believe that any sniff of him becoming available should be looked into, because I reckon Real Madrid got a bargain for the future (despite hints of "robbenitis" kicking in to his personality!)

3. Arshavin In

Just copy and paste what i said about Drenthe, and replace the word "Babel" with "Pavlyuchenko".

4. Deco Out

As a self-confessed fan of the Blues, don't disregard this as a stereotypical fickle viewpoint. Its not that he's lost his form, but instead i think he's just surplus to requirement. Once Essien, Ballack, Mikel, and Lampard are available, what can Deco offer? Its a question of who would have to warm the bench for him to play.

His arrival has also lead to a real upset in the squad's balance. There is no longer a first eleven that picks itself. For the sake of parity, the little genius should let Lampard get on with his job.

5. Lennon In

Scolari pointed out that Chelsea lack a dribbler (overlooking Joe Cole). This is true, and I agree that Robben could've been as potent in England as Ronaldo has been, if it hadn't been for him being stricken with early onset "Diarra syndrome". But its time to look forward.

Although it would be a gamble to bring in another SWP, I do truly believe that this boy has an actual end product once he reaches the by-line. And to be honest I'd be more than happy to spend the Wayne Bridge money if Lennon went on to shine in West London—especially as it would finally inflict on Spurs what they did to us with Jimmy Greaves.

So there you have it—another fan's take on the turmoil at the Bridge

Let me know what you think regarding additions to this list.