Musings from the Bald Prophet: Shakeups, Makeups, and the Fifth BP Top 25

Marc DaleyAnalyst IJanuary 5, 2009

Five random thoughts on the first week of 2009...

1) I always thought the talk of UNC running the table was ridiculous.  Kentucky's 1996 team had the best team since the '76 Hoosiers, and they lost twice.  UNC doesn't quite have that embarrassment of riches (Mark Pope, who was the No. 9 man on the Kentucky squad, went on to play parts of six seasons in the NBA) and could lose a couple more games this year. 

2) Speaking of ridiculous ramblings on running the table, Gonzaga is in free-fall since a couple of their players ran their mouths following a win over Washington State.  They have lost four of their last five heading into the Overrated Bowl against Tennessee. 

3) In the Volunteers' case, you could make an argument that no SEC team should be in the top 25.  Can you even consider them a power conference anymore? 

4) SEC stalwart Kentucky's recent heartbreaker at the hands of Edgar Sosa (who made up with Rick Pitino just in time for the game) meant they fell to 2-17 in their last 19 games against ranked opponents.  Teams haven't been in awe of the Wildcats for a few seasons now.  Until they get a reliable third option on offense, that trend will continue, though they probably won't sweat an NCAA berth this season.

5) This week's poll should get more comments than my previous ones.  There are a lot of changes this week.  And as far as No. 25 is concerned, they're undefeated and deserve a slot.


1) Pitt

2) Wake Forest

3) UNC

4) UConn

5) Duke

6) Texas

7) Syracuse


9) Clemson

10) Oklahoma

11) Michigan State

12) Georgetown

13) Xavier

14) Memphis

15) Marquette

16) Villanova

17) Arizona State

18) Butler

19) Notre Dame

20) Tennessee

21) Michigan

22) Minnesota

23) Purdue

24) Illinois

25) Illinois State