WWE News: It Is Now Time for the WWE to Release the Underachieving Evan Bourne

Travis SmithAnalyst IIJanuary 17, 2012

Evan Bourne has been performing in the WWE since 2008 and while he has many fans around the world, this young man has been an epic disappointment in my eyes. This past weekend, Evan Bourne was suspended yet again for failing the wellness test and this was his second suspension in the past three months. With Bourne dropping the ball yet again, I feel that it is indeed time for the company to man up and cut this young man from the roster.

Evan is a wonderful talent in the ring because he can pull off some of the most amazing moves that I have ever seen inside of the ring, but this young man seems to be having a troubling time staying clean. It is a shame to me because just a year and a half ago, I was stating that it was indeed time for the WWE to push Bourne as a main eventer, but now I feel that he doesn't even deserve to be in the company.

Bourne looked to be on a well deserved push back in September when he and Kofi Kingston became the WWE tag team champions and really took the tag team world by storm. Air-Boom was a fan favorite team that had some excellent matches against some quality teams like Miz & R-Truth and Swagger & Ziggler. Air-Boom seemed to be the tag team that the WWE wanted to push as their champions for many months ahead, but now that is just a distant thought because of one man's irresponsible choices.

Now I am not saying that Evan Bourne's career is over, I am just saying that it is time for the WWE to cut ties with him. Now if Evan would go to rehab and learn from his mistakes, then yes the WWE should give him one more chance to prove himself. But until then, the WWE is better off with him and maybe he is better off without the WWE.

TNA has been a company that has pushed ex-WWE stars to the moon, so maybe Bourne could venture down south and give the company a try. TNA actually has a X division in which they push the lighter performers and I really feel that Bourne could do some excellent work in that environment. TNA would push this kid because he can get it done in the ring and he's someone that has the creditability needed to be a champion.

Overall, it's really simple to Bourne, clean up your act and maybe give TNA a try before going back to the WWE. If Evan Bourne was meant to be a major league star, then he will turn this negative situation into a career defining moment.


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