Just Go Away Brett

Joe KirshenbaumContributor IJanuary 5, 2009

If there's one thing I'm not looking forward to this NFL offseason is the question, will he or won't he?

He, being Brett Favre, referring to will he or will he not retire.

I've had enough of hearing about him.

We've gone through this the last four offseasons.  It wasn't that bad during the 2005 offseason, as he had come off a solid season, but some people were suggesting he retire before inevitable decline.  But the Packers didn't have anyone to take the role, so he stayed.

Enter Aaron Rodgers.  At one point predicted as the No. 1 pick in the draft, Rodgers somehow fell all the way down to 24th, into the Packers lap.  They had found their quarterback to take over for Favre.

The next two seasons, while Aaron Rodgers was patiently collecting dust on the bench, Favre struggled.  In 2005 and '06 he threw 38 touchdowns to 47 interceptions, with QB ratings of 70.9 and 72.7, respectively.

After each of those seasons, it was a never ending saga.  He would jerk the media, the fans, and the Packers around for months on end, before finally making his decision.

To my dismay, not only does he stick around for the 2007 season, but he has a comeback year.  Brett's 4,155 yards were the most he had thrown since 1998, his 66.5% completion percentage being the highest of his career.   His 95.7 QB rating was his best in eleven years.

Then came his shocking retirement announcement.  It wasn't so much shocking that he had retired, but that he announced it right away.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of it.  After retiring at the end of February 2008, he would retract his retirement on March 27th, only to retire once again two days later.  For months the Packers had left the door open for his return, but ultimately moved on and decided to go with Aaron Rodgers, who at that point was a better choice anyway.

The saga continued a few weeks before training camp.  After returning and being told he couldn't start, Brett demanded a release.  After rallying a bunch of fans behind him, management compromised on a trade to the Jets.

Of course, all this was a way to get traded to a contender without losing fan support.  So he wound up having a mediocre season and as it progressed, he would get worse and worse, his performances at the end costing the Jets the playoffs.

Throughout this season, his true colors have shown.  He's not a team player, he's nothing more than another egotistical self-centered punk, no better than Terrell Owens, except that TO doesn't put on a fake good guy image.

His teammates have turned against him.  The media and fans are gradually turning against him.  He's dominating the media attention, not based on what he's done on the field, but off the field.

Not to mention that Aaron Rodgers had a far better season.

Enough already!  Brett, I'm begging you, retire.   Now.  And stay retired.  It works for everyone.  We don't have to hear your endless saga again.  You can salvage your legacy, reputation, and popularity.

Unfortunately, it will probably be another couple years before this is all over with.


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