WWE: 10 Independent Wrestlers Who Would Fit in the Best in the No. 1 Promotion

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIJanuary 18, 2012

WWE: 10 Independent Wrestlers Who Would Fit in the Best in the No. 1 Promotion

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    The WWE needs some help.

    While the company has some bona fide superstars in the making with guys like Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes, the roster just isn't what it once was.

    Back in the Attitude Era, the WWE had so many stars that we got to watch big-time names competing for World championships, Intercontinental titles and the tag team belts. All at the same time.

    Now, though, the WWE is really top-heavy—you're either an upper mid-carder/main eventer, or you're not getting much TV time at all.

    That's precisely why the company needs to sign some new talent to help make its roster better from top to bottom.

    Here are the 10 independent wrestlers (five men and five women) who would fit best in the WWE.

10. Madison Eagles

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    Madison Eagles would provide the Divas division the lift that it so desperately needs.

    Although not the super-attractive type that the WWE usually goes after, she certainly stands out (at 6'0" tall), and perhaps most importantly, she has spent her entire adult life wrestling.

    Eagles made her pro wrestling debut in 2001 when she was just 17 years old, and since then, she's made her mark around the world, performing for SHIMMER, Chikara, CZW and Ring of Honor.

    She held the SHIMMER Championship for 539 days from April 2010 to October 2010, competing against some of the best female indy workers along the way.

    Oh yeah, did I mention that Eagles topped PWI's "Female 50" in 2011?

    In fact, she became the first non-WWE or TNA talent to come in at No. 1 on the list in its four-year history.

9. Petey Williams

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    Petey Williams is only listed at 5'7", 179 pounds, but that's about the only thing that he doesn't have going for him.

    The guy looks like he's chiseled out of stone, he's athletic, he can really work the mic and he oozes charisma.

    In fact, there was a ton of backlash toward TNA when the company let Williams go back in 2009. The feeling was that it was a huge mistake to release Williams while keeping other questionable talent on the roster.

    I've got to agree.

    Even though Williams lacks the size of your prototypical WWE star, he's got everything else you look for, and also just so happens to have one of the most amazing-looking finishers in wrestling, the Canadian destroyer.

    If there is a place for Evan Bourne on the WWE roster (well, at least for now), then there is certainly a place for Williams, who would be a welcome addition to the Intercontinental and Tag Team title scenes.

8. Brittney Savage

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    Brittney Savage is the total package.

    She's got the bleached blonde hair, tan skinned look that WWE officials drool over, but unlike some others who shall remain nameless, she can actually back it up in the ring.

    Though Savage has only been wrestling for a little more than three years, she came in at No. 47 on PWI's "Female 50," just ahead of SmackDown Diva A.J.

    Savage has spent most of her career with Women Superstars Uncensored, where she's worked with well-known female indy stars like Jessicka Havok, Hailey Hatred, Sassy Stephie, Mercedes Martinez and Becky Bayless.

    She's relatively inexperienced, but at only 24 years old, she's got a long career ahead of her.

    And given the way that Savage has developed in such a short time, it looks like she could be poised for a successful career and possible WWE run.

7. Colt Cabana

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    Colt Cabana has already worked for the WWE before, but his first run with the company was an epic failure, and it's time for a do-over.

    Cabana was under contract with the WWE from 2007 to 2009, when he was given a ridiculously dumb ring name, "Scotty Goldman," and not really allowed to be himself whatsoever.

    He only made a few appearances on TV before the WWE released him in early 2009, but if you've followed him on the indy scene, you know that he's one of the very best workers around.

    Cabana has a rare combination that most wrestlers can only dream of: He's funny, he's charismatic and he can actually wrestle.

    He could thrive in the WWE in a comedy role (a la Santino Marella) or in a half-serious, half-comedy role like the one Zack Ryder is currently in.

    It's just a matter of WWE officials admitting they screwed up Goldman—I mean Cabana—the first time and then giving him another chance.

    After all, Cabana is the real-life best friend of CM Punk, so you would think that the WWE Champion might be able to sway his employer to re-hire his buddy.

6. Cherry Bomb

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    The Divas division is in dire need of some help, and Cherry Bomb (real name: Laura Dennis) is one of the top female indy workers who could provide it with just that.

    Cherry Bomb got herself noticed during her time in Great Canadian Wrestling, where she was able to work with well-known female indy names like April Hunter and Portia Perez.

    She's also worked for SHIMMER, Women Superstars Uncensored and numerous Japanese promotions, and she even appeared on an episode of Monday Night Raw in May 2010, when she received a tryout match with the WWE.

    Cherry Bomb even spent some time working in WWE's developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, in March 2011, though it never resulted in a developmental deal.

    Although she's only in her mid-20s, Cherry Bomb has already accomplished quite a lot on the independent circuit.

    Given her success and past connections to the WWE, one would think that she still might be on the company's radar.

5. Adam Pearce

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    Adam Pearce is the world champion of the biggest wrestling promotion in the United States.

    No, not the WWE. I'm talking, of course, about the NWA.

    Pearce is currently in his fourth reign as NWA World Heavyweight Champion, having won the title in a four-way match back in July, 2011.

    Prior to winning the NWA World title, Pearce worked in ROH as the company's head booker and a part-time wrestler, and he also worked full-time in ROH from 2005 to 2008.

    He's also a former PWG champion who has competed in Mexico and Japan, and was ranked No. 49 on the PWI 500 in 2011. 

    Pearce has competed with some of the biggest names in the wrestling industry, such as CM Punk, Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan, but unfortunately for him, he's never made the leap to TNA or WWE like those guys have.

    You won't find very many indy wrestlers out there with the experience or background that Pearce has, and he could jump to the WWE's main roster right away.

    But, despite having a good look (6'2", 245 pounds), his age (33) might prevent the WWE from ever actually signing him.

4. Serena Deeb

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    Serena Deeb is another star whom the WWE simply let slip away.

    After training in Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2005 and 2006 and then moving on to work for SHIMMER, Deeb signed a developmental deal with the WWE in 2009 and made her main roster debut in January, 2010 as part of CM Punk's Straight Edge Society.

    Unfortunately for Deeb, though, she was released for one of the most ridiculous reasons ever.

    As the story goes, Deeb was let go by the company for "not living out" the Straight Edge Society gimmick in real life—in other words, for getting drunk in public.

    That's an absolute shame, because she can wrestle circles around most of the Divas currently on the main roster.

    Deeb has abstained from alcohol for more than a year now, though, and is still only 25 years old, so a WWE return certainly seems like a possibility.

    After all, she's incredibly talented and undoubtedly attractive enough to become one of the faces of the Divas division.

3. Davey Richards

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    The WWE needs to scoop up Davey Richards, like ASAP.

    The current ROH World Champion, Richards has developed a reputation as one of the very best wrestlers on the independent scene.

    He's competed for some of the top promotions around, including ROH, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Pro Wrestling Noah and Full Impact Pro, among others.

    Richards has thrived as a singles wrestler and tag team competitor (two ROH World Tag Team Championship reigns), and has competed against some of the best wrestlers in the business, such as Daniel Bryan, Kenny King, Eddie Edwards, Tyler Black and KENTA.

    Although Richards is shorter than the prototypical WWE star (5'8"), Bryan has opened the door for stars like him to succeed in the WWE.

    WWE officials would be foolish to overlook Richards anyway, because PWI's No. 25 wrestler in the world for 2011 might be even better than that ranking indicates.

2. Sara Del Rey

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    Sara Del Rey may very well be the best women's wrestler in the world.

    PWI named her the No. 10 female wrestler for 2011, and she has competed for a number of major promotions, including Wrestling Society X, SHIMMER, Chikara and Ring of Honor.

    She has also been trained by one of the best wrestlers in the business and the current World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan. 

    Outside of maybe Daizee Haze (who is currently on a hiatus from wrestling), Del Rey probably has more experience working with the top women's wrestlers in the world than any other female out there, having competed against Cherry Bomb, Mercedes Martinez and MsChif, among a slew of others.

    I'm honestly pretty shocked that she hasn't been signed by WWE yet.

    Del Rey has incredible size (5'10", 160 pounds), she's attractive (though not uber-hot) and she is one of the top pure wrestlers in the United States.

    She is already 31 years old, though, so perhaps time is running out on her chances of landing a WWE contract.

1. Chris Hero

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    Claudio Castagnoli signed with the WWE last year and has already worked some dark matches, so it's time for his former tag team partner, Chris Hero, to join him in the No. 1 wrestling promotion in the world.

    When Castagnoli (now known as Antonio Cesaro in FCW) made his way to the WWE last September, it was widely assumed that Hero would join him.

    But Hero and the WWE hit a snag during contract negotiations, and he still hasn't signed a deal as of yet.

    The WWE needs to make that happen, though.

    Hero and Castagnoli formed one of the best tag teams in all of pro wrestling, the "Kings of Wrestling," in ROH and could provide an instant lift to the WWE's tag team division, but they could also thrive as singles competitors in the WWE.

    Hero has the size (6'5", 225 pounds) that the WWE covets, and he's got the wrestling skill (No. 36 on PWI 500 in 2011) to back it up.

    He'd be a great fit in the WWE, no matter where you put him.