Focused Harbaugh Brothers Outcoach and Outperform the Obnoxious Ryan Brothers

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Focused Harbaugh Brothers Outcoach and Outperform the Obnoxious Ryan Brothers
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Rex and Rob Ryan are boisterous larger-than-life men in big-time cities who talk. And talk. And talk. The media gobbles them up because in New York and Dallas, football runs the sports scene. This season, the Jets and the Cowboys both missed the playoffs, but you could argue that the Ryan brothers were as loud as ever.

John and Jim Harbaugh have a different approach to the game. They are focused, mature men who earn the trust of their team with hard work, relying on veteran leadership and presenting players with a tangible way of winning games. The Harbaugh brothers get very little media attention even though they each led their team to a second seed in their respective conference, and a recent birth to Championship Sunday. They coach in smaller markets in San Francisco and Baltimore, have less-hyped quarterbacks and very simple-minded patient owners. Yet, they win games. And they win the right way.

Chances are high that at least one of these two coaches will be coaching in the Super Bowl come February. In a Harbaugh family dream (or nightmare) scenario, they face each other in Indy with the Super Bowl on the line. But, regardless of what happens next week, the Harbaugh brothers have set a precedence on how to win games, and they are easily the Mannings of the coaching world. The Ryan brothers continue to make extravagant promises and claims, while the Harbaughs quietly go about their business while having immense and genuine confidence in their team.

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