Rex Grossman Could End Up a Minnesota Viking

Jimmy MacAnalyst IJanuary 4, 2009

The much maligned Bears QB Rex Grossman is set to take on the free agent market this off season, and could very well find himself a home with the division rival Minnesota Vikings.

This could happen for a number of reasons.

One, the free agent market, in terms of QBs this season isn't exactly bulging with talent. Besides Matt Cassel, and aside from what many Bears fans think, Grossman will be one of the top free agents on the market. The Detroit press already has the Lions making a move for him, and there are a number of other teams that need a QB and could do a lot worse than Rex Grossman. The Detroit Free Press wrote this about Grossman:

"...While inconsistent at times, Grossman is too talented to stay on the bench. And with a revamped line and star wide-outs like Calvin Johnson, Grossman could help bring the Lions offense back to life..."

Grossman has a winning record, is a viable deep threat, and has playoff and Superbowl experience. You'd be hard pressed to find a QB at his young age with all that on his resume. And while I doubt Grossman would allow himself to fall into the pit of a team that has become the Detroit Lions, the Vikings may make a run at him as well.

This is because of ex-Bear Bernard Berrian. Berrian is no doubt a deep-threat today, and he can thank Grossman for that. Before Rex's '06 campaign, Berrian spent the 2004 and 2005 seasons on the backburner of the Bears' offense. He had only 28 receptions and 2 TD's. When Grossman stepped under center in the Superbowl season of 2006, Berrian's numbers sky rocketed. He more than doubled his receptions and tripled his TDs. In 2006 alone, he had 51 receptions and 6 TD's.

After the Viking's loss Sunday to the Eagles, Berrian was interviewed and stated that he would've chosen to stay in Chicago had they tried to match the offer the Vikings had put on the table. Not only that, but Rex Grossman would have had to have been named the starter.

Berrian: "I wanted to stay there. Chicago had the opportunity to do it and they didn't do it. And Rex was my guy, but that didn't work out. But that's business. And that's how it goes."

While many may disagree on how good or bad Grossman was, no one can deny the chemistry he had with Bernard Berrian. And Childress has stated before that he thinks Rex Grossman is a good QB, and a dangerous one at that.

With not many options in free agency, and Tarvaris Jackson proving once again today that he still needs work, don't be surprised if you hear rumors that Rex Grossman could end up a purple people eater, especially if Berrian, easily one of the biggest pieces of the Vikings' offense convinces Childress to give him a shot.

And don't think Rex wouldn't take the offer either. The chance to burn the team that tossed you aside twice a year would be a mouth-watering offer indeed. And with a running back like Peterson, a receiver he knows all too well in Berrian, and the offensive line the Vikings had, you better believe Rex Grossman would be a nightmare for any defense.