Learn From The Rest, Dominique Franks, Because You're Next

Ben SpicerCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

Although he's been dubbed "Superman" by Florida pigskin faithful across Gator Nation, an adequate follow-up to the nickname Tim Tebow earned in 2006 might just be "The Hulk."

Why? Well, you won't like him when he's angry.

Apparently Oklahoma Sooners defensive back Dominique Franks disagrees. When asked about Tim Tebow, Franks said, among other things: "Yeah, I think our quarterbacks are better," [Referencing the Big XII Quarterbacks in comparison to the SEC's] "Hopefully he'll throw me the ball a couple times and I'll get my hands on them," and last but not least "...the right person won the Heisman, and we're going to show everybody the reason why he won it."

Take some notes from the young and the restless, Mr. Franks.

Reminiscent of 2007 against Florida State, and this season against LSU, Tim Tebow and the Gators have with them some bulletin board material as motivation against the Sooners, and that's something OU definitely doesn't want and can't afford.

A motivational mastermind, Florida head coach Urban Meyer chopped and pasted a series of articles and comments about his Gators' National Championship hopes in 2006 against Ohio State at their team's dinner table before the game.

As confusing as it might have been to some players, it worked. End result: Gators 41, Buckeyes 14.

With the comments made by Dominique Franks, Florida now has some additional motivation to bring with them to Miami against the high-powered Oklahoma Sooners.

But this isn't the first time Tebow has had objectionable comments slung his direction. In fact, it's happened twice, and for that matter, both helping Tebow and the Gators stomp their opponents.

So maybe the average margin of victory against opponents that "smack talk" Tebow is standing tall at 31.5 points, but the stories that Tebow brings with him is even more worthwhile.

In 2007, there were the Geno Hayes comments at Florida State, about "planting Tebow in the ground" and "denying him the Heisman." What happened there, Geno?

Tebow triumphed in this feud, with five total touchdowns, and dashed towards the end zone once with Hayes holding on for dear life.

This season, we had Ricky Jean-Francois, LSU defensive lineman, publicly state that he would take Tim Tebow out of the game.

Unfortunately Ricky wasn't on hand for the Tim Tebow show, nor was he on hand to see the Gators roll to a 30 point victory. Tebow sniffed the end zone three total times.

Averaging four touchdowns per game in these games in which Tebow hears his demise, it isn't looking pretty for Oklahoma right now.

Several fans are hoping that Tim Tebow takes the "Tom Brady approach."

Last season, in an AFC matchup between the Steelers and Patriots, little none safety Anthony Smith proclaimed that his Steelers were going to win. What happened has since gone down into smack-talk infamy.

Smith got burned for several deep touchdowns, and Tom Brady made sure he knew about it.

By the way, Bill Belichick and Urban Meyer are good friends, as if Tebow didn't know how to handle the situation already.

No. 15 for the Oklahoma Sooners better be on his feet, because he's not exactly Joe Namath.


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