Tim Tebow: Denver Broncos Should Trade Star QB While Stock Is Still High

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJanuary 15, 2012

If it wasn’t made blatantly clear during the season by John Fox and the Denver Broncos coaching staff or John Elway and the club’s management team, Tim Tebow is not the quarterback of the future.

Despite all of his winning, Tebow is still overrated and should be traded while his stock is still high.

While organizations clamor for the best quarterbacks in the 2012 draft, Denver needs to start hard-selling Tebow to teams in return for a solid first-round pick. The perfect deal would be to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

For this trade to work out the way both teams would like, the Jaguars will need to receive Tebow and at least one more piece to help the building process. I was thinking a player like Knowshon Moreno that John Fox was very down on anyway.

The reason the Broncos would have to give up so much is because of what they’re trading for; the No. 7 overall pick in the draft.

That and they get rid of the media headache that follows Tebowmania.

Denver and John Fox could find a stop-gap quarterback while the rebuilding process continues or until they can find their long-term solution via free agency or the draft.

As well as Tebow played, defenses will have him scouted next season and follow the same mold that the New England Patriots set forth with their 45-10 whopping of the Broncos.

As for the Jaguars, they would get the face of the franchise that they have been waiting for since the club’s inception. As much as I love Maurice Jones-Drew for being everything you want in a football player, he is not a household name in most NFL families.

Tim Tebow is.

If he becomes a Jaguar, that means Jacksonville would become relevant to the average person and the club could make money. Not making the move if it is there would be fiscally irresponsible for a Jaguars franchise looking for a direction.

Besides, how much money Tebow would make for the Jaguars, including all the money from the Florida Gators fans and alumni that will flock to see him every Sunday, the offense that they run in Denver right now is much better suited for a team like Jacksonville.

If the Jaguars run the spread option with Tebow and Jones-Drew running the ball, the Jaguars will fare better than expected in a weak AFC South.

It’s hard to tell if Denver will have the guys to pull off a deal this offseason, but they should move him now while there are teams who want him. Four games into next season, the Broncos won’t be able to give him away.


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