Boxing Breaking News: Manny Pacquiao Agrees to May 5 and 50/50 Split

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Boxing Breaking News: Manny Pacquiao Agrees to May 5 and 50/50 Split
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Could the long-awaited super fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather finally be on the verge of being signed? Manny just stated on his personal website in an official statement to his fans that he will agree to fight in Las Vegas on May 5th, and that he is willing to do a 50/50 split for the fight. 

Pacquiao said that the ball is now in Floyd's court. If Floyd says yes, the fight will be on. There seemed to be a lot of argument back and forth about the guarantees that both fighters would receive, but that seems to be settled. Top Rank will guarantee Pacquiao's purse and Golden Boy would likely guarantee at least a large portion of Floyd's purse.

If they don't reach an agreement in the next couple of days, it may never happen.

However, I feel that this could finally be it. I've always been optimistic that this fight would happen, and with this latest statement from Pacquiao I think my optimism has officially peaked.

Manny has said that he's in, and I think Floyd also truly wants this fight to happen. After witnessing Manny's struggles against Juan Manuel Marquez last November, Floyd now sees that perhaps Manny has slipped a bit. If there was ever a "safe" time to get into the ring against him, that time is now.

Hopefully the two sides will come to their senses and make a deal soon, probably this weekend. Top Rank's Bob Arum should reach out to Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy to arrange the matchup the fans have been waiting for.

Let's all hope this is finally it, and the odyssey that has been Mayweather and Pacquiao can come to a close.  

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