WWE Hall of Fame: Mike Tyson and Randy Savage to Be Inducted?

Katie GregersonCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2012


This is quite possibly the most exciting time of the year for WWE fans. The road to WrestleMania begins and the WWE reveals, week by week, which legends will be the newest inductees into the Hall of Fame.

Last week, to the delight of many fans, the first two members of the 2012 Hall of Fame class were announced. The first inductee to be announced was Edge, who becomes the youngest inductee in history at age 39. The second inductees were the Four Horsemen, which makes Ric Flair the only man to be inducted twice.

So far, so good. However, we're all now left wondering who else will be inducted.

Jim Ross seems to think championship heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson is on the shortlist.

As reported by WrestlingInc.com, JR was asked on Twitter if he thinks Tyson could be inducted into the Hall of Fame. JR responded by saying "absolutely."

Often, when celebrities become involved in the WWE, it can be at best laughable and at worst an absolute disaster.

Tyson, however, is an example of celebrity involvement that actually worked quite well. He was a central part of a memorable storyline from the beloved Attitude Era that helped to launch Steve Austin into the WWE title picture. This, of course, cemented him at the top of the WWE food chain and secured his position as one of the most popular superstars in history.

That being said, Tyson seems a worthy edition to the WWE Hall of Fame himself. He may not be a pro wrestler, but he is a notable, credible athlete who played a fairly significant role in the WWE's past.

As for pro wrestlers who deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, the first name which comes to mind for most fans is "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

For some time now, fans have been wondering when the late, great Macho Man will finally be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

According to his brother, the prospect seems a little iffy.

As also reported by WrestlingInc.com, Lanny Poffo stated on Steve Wilton's "Pipe Bomb" podcast that he has not heard anything from the WWE regarding his brother's possible induction into the Hall of Fame. Additionally, Poffo apparently claimed in an interview last year that Savage would have only agreed to be inducted provided that the Poffo family—Lanny, Randy and their father Angelo—are inducted as a group.

This, of course, begs the question of how likely is that to happen? The Von Erichs were inducted as a group, so it is possible. However, as iconic as he is, it seems safe to say that most fans would prefer to see Macho Man inducted on his own.

It remains to be seen whether Mike Tyson or Randy Savage will be included in the Hall of Fame, whether it be this year or otherwise. However, both of them would make fine additions to this year's already impressive class.