Praise Thee Jesus: Tim Tebow Should Be Thanking Religion for His Superstardom

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2012

Tim Tebow, by now you have surely heard the name. You really can't miss it. Tebowmania is running wild on every major sports network, every newspaper, and is surely getting a lot of support among the Christian groups throughout America.

But with all this crazy talk about a guy who has won just one playoff game and was the benefactor of a great defense and a lot of luck, it got me to thinking. Why are we still talking about him?

This morning in my Twitter feed there was a link to an article about what the whole Tebow situation would be like if, say, he was Jewish or Muslim or maybe atheist. After clicking on the link and reading the first few paragraphs, it did not answer the question at all. The article instead praised Tebow for his "strong moral values." Never did the author answer the question that was stated in the title.

So how do you answer this question?

First, one can say without a doubt that the man has pulled in a great deal of fans simply based on his faith. He has done a great deal of charity work from Gainesville to Denver and has always put out a positive attitude. I have no problem personally with someone actually doing something good and decent for a change.

However, where the problem lies is simply the fact of why he is getting all of this attention, and it has everything to do with throwing some Jesus and prayer in it and not how well he throws a football. Sure the guy wins, but as stated earlier, he has benefited from many other factors.

The good old folks at the TV networks know he has a strong allegiance of fans of the Christian faith and they are going to do everything to grab up the ratings. So who cares if the guy has completed less than 50 percent of his passes? Let's put him on TV and build him up so we, the TV network, we the newspapers, can make a dime.

Honestly, Tim Tebow has become a cash cow for the money marketing execs. Now isn't that ironic?

So to answer the question of what if Tim Tebow wasn't openly Christian? What if he were Muslim Jewish or even openly gay?

Without a question the Tim Tebow story would be a lot different. Christianity is the number one religion in this country and while many follow Tebow simply because he is an inspiration for followers of his faith, others use him as a puppet to make the almighty $$$.

So this weekend when you are buying into the hype of "Tebowmania" ask yourself this: Are you buying into him because you think he is a solid starting QB or are you buying into him as a Christian in the NFL.

Without a question Tim Tebow has the big man upstairs to thank for several of his wins, and the fact he is still relevant after his days at Florida.

As always, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.