Fiesta Bowl Breakdown: Texas Longhorns

ctsports picksAnalyst IJanuary 4, 2009

Yesterday we looked at Ohio State and gave you how they can change their bad performances from the past two years' BCS games. Today we will breakdown the Texas team.

Well, these teams are not strangers as this will be the third time these two have matched up in the last four years. Texas and Vince Young beat OSU at the horseshoe on their way to the national title. A year later, OSU went to Texas and upset them on their way to a berth in the championship game. Let's take a deeper look at this Texas team.

The Texas offense is not loaded with game breakers, but each player does their job and as a whole, are very explosive.

Colt McCoy and his runner up to the Heisman was much deserved as he hit on over seventy percent of his passes and led his team in rushing yards.

Shipley is their best wide receiver and always comes up big when they need a play. McCoy and Shipley are best friends on and off the field so it's like they know what the other one is thinking before the play even happens.

If there is one weakness that OSU, can take advantage of it is there lack of a running game. If OSU can get them into third and longs they will be able to blitz and force McCoy into possible mistakes.

The defense for Texas is very stout and has been a huge surprise for this team this year. If you go back to the Oklahoma, game they came up with stop after stop in the second half that no one else had been able to do against them. They will have to come to play today because Pryor is unlike anyone else they have faced all year. If this team is not disciplined, Pryor will gash them for long runs and really hurt them.

As coach Mac Brown likes to say, bowl games are usually won by the team that wants it more and has more to play for. Well if that is true then you would think the Longhorns should come out here and play for the win.

Most experts feel Texas got screwed out of the BCS Championship game and a convincing win here could convince the AP voters to possibly vote for them instead of OKL if they were to win.

This game should be great bowl match-up. Get all your sports articles and picks at CT Sports Picks!