BC-UNC: The Wake-Up Call

Michael PeilaCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

Great game Rice, Sanders, Jackson, and the rest of the BC basketball team.  You played a smart and tough game against the No. 1 team in the nation on their home floor and it showed on the scoreboard. 

Thanks for giving UNC the wake-up call they needed to show them that just because they have "North Carolina" on the front of their uniforms, they can't just cruise through games.  I would have thought that the Nevada game would have been the wake-up call needed for UNC to set up the tough ACC conference schedule they would have to go through.

Now, before anyone thinks I am a UNC hater or even, dare I say, a band-wagoner, please be assured I am a lifelong, loyal, die-hard UNC fan.  I am realistic regarding their team and how they play, not willing to see things through Carolina Blue glasses. 

I have written in several comments and in my last article that UNC would need to play their best game every game to be undefeated in the ACC and for the season.  I have also pointed out that I did not think UNC would go undefeated for several reasons and tonight was the perfect example due to their play, or lack thereof.

UNC did not play good defense, especially on the perimeter where a senior, a sophomore, and a freshman drilled outside shot after outside shot.  Lawson proved to be human, turning the ball over at inopportune times and allowing Rice to have his way with him. 

UNC never utilized their size advantage inside by shooting from the outside quickly and not looking inside first.  Too many turnovers and too many missed free throws. 

Need I go on?  BC is a better team than people thought even though they are young.  13-2 isn't too shabby, plus they play in the ACC which is no slouch of a conference.

I for one am glad to see the undefeated season go by the wayside.  Too much pressure for any team to handle, much less UNC.  No team will go undefeated this year. Sorry, Pitt fans. 

I feel that UNC has got a monkey off their back and now can concentrate strictly on playing Tar Heel basketball.  No laurels to rest on now or goals beyond their reach.  I also feel that now that they have a sour taste in their mouths, especially at home, they will not be cocky or play on cruise control, but will just take it to the other teams they play the rest of the way. 

I feel they will go through ACC play with three losses, but will still make the Final Four and have a great shot at winning the National Championship.

Which UNC team went undefeated winning the NC before this year?  Hmmm...

So, in conclusion, thanks BC for humbling UNC and probably waking a sleeping monster for the rest of the season.  I feel sorry for their next opponent, ACC or not.