Hey Vince McMahon, Do You Care About Your Product?

Brotha NumpseyContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

Dear Vincent K. McMahon,

First let me start of by saying that I have been a fan since...BLAH BLAH BLAH! One thing I will not do is give you the satisfaction of making me the next inductee to the Vince McMahon KMA club. I will, however, ask you this: How much do you believe in your own product? I mean, how much do you actually care about the quality of the shows you put out there?

Yes, yes, Vince, I know you are running supposed a "multi-billionaire" company, and yes I know you are eagle eyeing all day to day operations, as well as the show operations, as well as media affairs, as well as overseas-affairs, as well as maintaining the "Health and Wellness Program". Dang Vince, how do you do all of that and then keep up with all three shows as being "Top Notched"?

Please note that the question is being asked with serious sarcasm. The problem is Vince, that a lot of us feel the shows have been suffering some major flaws. Yes, I know, Vince, everybody is a "damn critic" these days, but a serious question is how much of a critic are you being? Do you even watch your own shows, Vince? Are you happy with the writing? Are you happy with the acting? Are you happy with the wrestling?

I am not thoroughly happy nor am I entirely entertained with the shows Vince. I know I know I am not a deciding factor but, there are a lot more of me Vince. More than you can imagine, Vince. I watch the show now because it has become a part of my weekly routine. However TV is changing Vince.

Television shows are becoming a WHOLE helluva lot more interesting these days and they are attacking your time slots, Vince. With that being said, let me tell you this Vince, come 01-12-09, Jack Bauer (TV Show "24") is back on the Monday Night slot, be afraid...be very very afraid! I still have DVR tho.

Anywho, your product needs help. As a fan I am here to make some suggestions on how you can turn it around for at least me:

1. ECW needs to be moved to a two hour show. One hour is never enough time even with the 18 or so stars you have.

2. The unbalanced rosters needs a huge fix. You need to balance it out a whole lot better. Put more mid level card talent on there. We (other fan writers and I) all agree that ECW is the Mid Card Talent show. I like the idea of Matt Hardy, Mark Henry, and Finlay being on this show because they all have talent.

I personally think mark Henry had been widely under used until he got on ECW. Stars like Jamie Noble, Charlie Haas, Val Venus, Manu, Jimmy Wang Yang, and Funaki would fit well in there and brighten their stars up a bit.

2a. I think those superstars who complain about not being on one Raw or SD and who refuse to go to ECW should be thrown out. The company is only as strong as your weakest talent and if they are there to just see themselves shine and not there to contribute as a whole then they are not useful to the company period.

3. STORY LINES!! STORY LINES!! STORY LINES!! Each show needs a dedicated writing crew. Not the same ones for all three brands because then they will only focus on the top belts. The Rock and SCSA started their epic rivalry long before the WWE Title. They had a great rivalry for the Intercontinental Belt. At the same time Bret Hart and the Hart Foundation and Shawn Michaels and DX (the original) had a great story line going for the WWE title.

4. In my opinion SD is better than Raw because of the involvement of a General Manager (however, the show was a lot better when Teddy Long was the GM). Raw has a bunch of people running rampant. Yes they have Stephanie McMahon (your daughter) but I do not see her as dedicated to that show. She is shown only once to really cater to Chris Jericho. If she is going to be too involved with corporate affairs then she doesn't really need to be on the show. Get a dedicated GM for Raw.

5. The surprise factor. I remember one show that came to Sacramento where nobody knew Mick Foley was gonna show up. But when he did, the pop for that show was loud! This is something desperately needed. Stop announcing when superstars are making their return or debuting or special guest starring. That makes your storyline predictable and stales it up a bit when I know who is coming and for what purpose.

6. Make the King of the Ring a major PPV again with all three brands participating. It being exclusive on one brand is pretty much lame (replace lame with sufficient expletive). KoTR helped notice stars like SCSA, Triple H, and Edge as great singles wrestlers. That needs to replace the Great American Bash.

Now Vince, those are some of my top suggestions. I am sure many other fans may agree or disagree with what I am suggesting. As others will have more of what they would like to add. But I think many of your viewers will agree that your shows are falling off big time. I am making a plea to do something about it.

                                                                      Your fan...BLAH BLAH BLAH,

                                                                             Brotha Numpsey