WWE Perfect Storm: Will Air Boom's Heat Be to the Advantage of The Usos?

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIIJanuary 14, 2012

I think it's well-known by now the dismal state of the WWE and its tag team division. Something else that may be well-known is the rumor going around that Evan Bourne may or may not have some heat with Triple H regarding his suspension for smoking synthetic marijuana.

Now, I'm not a big fan of Bourne, but I was sad to hear this. His suspension not only halted any kind of momentum Air Boom could have gained during that month he was away, but has also proven to be a detriment to the betterment of the WWE Tag Team division.

That said, I actually do see something of a silver lining in all this. Not particularly for Air Boom, but for the tag team division itself. I enjoy Air Boom, but out of all of WWEs tag teams, I don't find them all that great as a team.

They just don't really do anything for me. As I said, I'm not a fan of Evan, but I think Kofi is a great mid-carder, one of the most decorated guys out there right now. 

Air Boom however, is near the bottom of my tag team favorites in WWE right now. (Just barely above Percy Watson and Titus O'Neill, and that's only because I don't watch NXT.) However, the team at the top of that list, could very well collect on the mistakes made by Evan "Air" Bourne. That duo is the team of Jimmy and Jey Uso.

You know, I think it's kind of funny. WWE put so much effort into creating Evan and Kofi into a real tag team. They got similar ring attire, new music, and even a team name. Yet, over on Smackdown...they already had a legit tag team in The Usos, who did a great job developing themselves and their characters throughout 2011.

They added a couple of traditional dances to their entrance (starting off with the Haka, and as of now doing the Siva Tau, I believe), added a bit more flare to their ring work, (which was always solid), and have generally been an entertaining and legit team as of late. Honestly, it's as if WWE completely forgot they had these two around, for some reason.

All the same, with the way Air Boom (Evan in particular) are going, WWE will be taking the title off them soon enough. Now, at this point, the obvious choice of opponents for Air Boom's titles are The Colons, and I'm fine with that. They are a good team as well, and I kind of like them.

However, once Primo and Epico do get the titles...who's there to feud with? Yes, Kofi and Evan are almost guaranteed a rematch, but after that the only other face team at this point is Percy Watson and Titus O'Neil.

Now, I liked Percy on NXT. Can't say much about Titus, but he doesn't seem that bad from the small stuff I've seen in FCW, but I think WWE can do better.

In come the Usos to help try and right this sinking ship. In my opinion, the team is simply too talented not to get some kind of push towards the WWE Tag Team Titles. There's a lot pushing them to that goal...the most impactful probably being their heritage.

Jimmy and Jey are from a long line of Samoan superstars. Many of them went on to hold championships in WWE. Umaga comes to mind, their father Rikishi, the Wild Samoans, and of course "The Great One" The Rock.

All proud Samoan wrestlers, and I believe The Usos could make a big impact on the WWE at this point. It's the perfect storm scenario, in my opinion.

WWE needs a new face tag team (regardless of the status of Air Boom, as one team cannot restore a tag team division) and the only really good one consists of Jimmy and Jey.

Honestly, I'd be hard-pressed to find a reason not to get behind an Usos WWE Tag Team Title run. They have everything you'd need in a tag team. They've got charisma, mic skills, a gimmick, great wrestling skills, and can connect with the fans.

All the pieces are falling into place, and hopefully, at some point in 2012 we'll see The Usos with gold around their waists.