WWE Royal Rumble: How Should the WWE Deal with Chris Jericho?

Tyler Emken@tylerkemkenContributor IIIJanuary 18, 2012

A common complaint amongst WWE fans is how the writing team tends to allow its stories to climax too early.  

Many fans are getting impatient with the Chris Jericho storyline or really, the lack thereof.  I implore those of you that are upset to calm down.  Just understand this: If Jericho speaks before the Royal Rumble, his comeback could be ruined before it even begins.

At this point, it is obvious that Jericho is trying to come back as a heel.  His way of getting heat from the crowd has been perfect.  A performer as beloved as Jericho always gets a lot of love from the fans when they return.  A perfect example of this has been Triple H over the last couple years.  No matter what vile things he does when he returns, the fans are always happy to see him back.

Jericho, of course, knows this and has been making a mockery of that kind of devotion.  No awesome promos have been cut.  No Walls of Jericho.  No Codebreaker.  All he does is excite the crowd, toying with their expectations and emotions before making his leave.  

They cheer and cheer, right up until the point where they realize he isn't going to do anything.  Many fans have been complaining about his lack of action on message boards and websites like this one.  Jericho's tactics are working.

Jericho has proven himself to be a natural heel, especially during his feud with Shawn Michaels.  If he can create a true dislike towards him from the fans, he will be the first heel in a while to do so.  Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Mark Henry have all failed to really rile up the crowds.  

The only truly hated wrestler is John Cena and even he has support from half of every crowd.  If Jericho can be public enemy No. 1, then he has accomplished the ultimate feat in the reality era.

The best course of action for the WWE writers to take would be to have him make a splash at the Royal Rumble.  He has long been rumored to be billed in a match against CM Punk at WrestleMania.  The Rumble is a great place to put this feud in motion.  Pay-per-views are when the big things are supposed to happen.  That is why we pay for them.

Jericho could  win the Royal Rumble match, thus stating his intentions to return to the company as a champion.  I don't see Punk losing the title to Dolph Ziggler, especially if the writers decided to make the Punk/Jericho angle climax with a bout for the WWE Championship.  

Dolph is getting a hell of a push right now, but any wrestling fan in their right mind would much rather see Jericho and Punk go at it for a couple of months.  Both are accomplished in-ring and on the mic.  The promos alone could be some of the best moments of these guys' careers.  If nothing else, we could settle who has the best running bulldog in the business.  

This is exactly what the fans want.  All the writers have to do is not give in to fan pressure and wait until the Royal Rumble to reveal Jericho's plans.  The WWE has stumbled into a potentially career-highlighting feud for both Jericho and Punk.  Let's hope they don't screw this one up.