I Know You Love Your Team, But Shut Up Already

Cameon ShiflettSenior Analyst IJanuary 4, 2009

Alright, Bama fans. From you to me, it's time we had a talk.

Alabama fans are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. And I say that having met a lot of people from different locations/different teams. But guys, there are some things that have got to change.

The SEC is known for its football programs. Or, they used to be anyway. But, more than that, it is known for the type of fans we have. I used to think that we were known as being fans that stood behind our team no matter what. I used to think we were known for having some of the classiest fans out there. While some of that is true, some of it is very wrong.

As I go through BR mainly, I see the comments that are left to Alabama fans. Things that are being said about how classless we are and how arrogant we seem to be. Which, is apparently, because of our smug and arrogant coach.

So, I need to say this. And, I'm sure I will get shunned from the Alabama community, but hopefully not.

I see Alabama fans as being some of the nicest and most classy people out there. Granted, I am slightly biased. However, maybe it's because I'm right in the thick of it. Maybe it's because I don't see what others see. So, I took a step back...and saw what everyone was talking about.


1. The "Bama Can Do No Wrong" Attitude

Ladies and Gents, let me tell you. Bama can do wrong. Take a look at the last couple of years before Saban got here. Actually, take a look at this past year. You don't have to look very far. I understand the mentality of supporting your team. Believe me I do. However, understand that your team can do wrong.

The sooner you learn that is the sooner that you can actually look at games and say, "Oh, this is where we need to improve." If Nick Saban saw the team as the all holy shrine we wouldn't get anywhere. There are always things that need to be fixed. Even under the Bear things weren't perfect. (Although they came very close.)


2. The "Apologetic" Bama Fan

Alabama loses games. It is going to happen. That is the game of life and football. Especially college football. Stop making excuses as to why they lost the game. Over the past two days since Alabama lost to Utah that's really all I've heard. Excuses.

It's very simple. Alabama got beat by Utah. They were the better team at this game. They came to play. Now, accept that, and move on. Look forward to the new season. It's only four months until A-Day after all. You can come up with all of the excuses you'd like...but the fact of the matter is we lost. At the end of the game the scoreboard said Alabama lost.

We got beat by the better team. Both in that game and against Florida. We got beat by the team that came to play. For that, they are a better team. We didn't lose to Utah because Andre Smith was sent home. We didn't lose "because John Parker was back to his old self." We lost simply because we lost.

Stop making it into something else.


3. The "Bill Clinton is to Monica Lewinsky as Nick Saban is to God" Analogy

Ok...maybe that was a bad analogy. But at any rate, Nick Saban is not God. God is God. The "Bear" was not God. Nick Saban is not God.

Nick Saban has done an amazing job as a coach at Alabama in the two years that he has been here. Everyone even outside of the program was shocked by how well Alabama did this season. 12-2 was way better than most would have dreamed possible. Not only has he done an amazing job on the field but he has done an amazing job with these guys off the field as well.

Kudos to him. I'm glad to see 32 million dollars doing it's part.

However, we shouldn't bow to him. The commandment did not read "Thou shall have no other Gods before me. Except Nick Saban. He's OK." Yeah, no. Sorry to burst your bubble. And sorry about that Nick Saban costume you were planning to use for the Bethlehem rendition. It was cute though. Really.

I understand being a huge fan. I, myself, am addicted to Alabama Football. However, there is a way to do everything with some class guys. I love Alabama Football more than anything. I love the fans that I am lucky enough to get to surround myself with. I just wonder why people don't see us the way we see each other.

Every Alabama fan and others on this site know how much I love the Crimson Tide. However, there is a way to do it. Admitting your team lost to a better team and not sugar coating your loss is one way.

Class is what it's all about. Having fun and winning and still having class is still the same thing. Paul "Bear" Bryant said it best.It's a short quote, but like many of the Bear's, it says it all. It says, "Losing doesn't make me want to quit. It makes me want to fight that much harder."

Bama had an amazing season this year. Instead of looking at the glass half empty look at it half full. It will make your days seem brighter and your keyboard look more friendly. 

We, as Alabama fans, will always be there for our team through the thick and thin. That's something not a whole lot of teams can say. But we can. That's something to be proud of. Now, let's win with class. And, more importantly, lose with class. We should be good at this after the years before Saban.

And this isn't just Alabama fans really. I've been among Ole Miss, Florida, Mississippi State, LSU, Auburn, Tennessee and a bunch of other fans. We consider them to be brothers and sisters when we are wanting the other one to win a Championship, but man when the game come down it can get dirty.

As expected. After all, it is a football game. Just remember that humble pie isn't something you want to eat on guys. Trust me, it doesn't taste that grand. Being humble doesn't make you any less of a fan. Believe me, it just makes you a better fan in my opinion.

If you disagree, feel free to comment. If you agree, feel free to comment. If you feel the need to just comment, please do. As always, I am up for anything.

In closing, I would like to quote Paul 'Bear' Bryant once more. You may know this one, as you should, since it's found on your Alabama souvenier cup. "Show class, have pride and display character. If you do, winning will take care of itself."

Roll Tide!


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