Top 5 Awesome Finishing Moves That You Don't See on WWE TV Every Week

Rikki SollisAnalyst IIJanuary 11, 2012

Top 5 Awesome Finishing Moves That You Don't See on WWE TV Every Week

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    The Attitude Adjustment. The GTS. The RKO. The Skull Crushing Finale. The Zig Zag. The Cross Arm Breaker. The Celtic Cross. Even the Rough Ryder.

    We see each and every one of these moves week-in week-out on Raw and Smackdown, but some of the best finishing moves turn up on the WWE Superstars and dare I say it, NXT.

    So let's take a few moments to remember the finishing moves that WWE forgets.

Honourable Mention: Justin Gabriel's 450 Splash

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    This one goes in the honourable mention slot because Justin Gabriel seems to work a lot of under card matches on Smackdown, despite being a fantastic talent in the ring *cough* Cruiserweight Title revival *cough*.

    He's been spending a lot of his time recently on Superstars and NXT and that is why he (sort of) made this list.

    The 450 splash is truly a thing of beauty and Justin seems to pull it off to a tee.

    Here, enjoy this springboard 450 from NXT a few weeks back; I'll give you this one for free.

5. Trent Barreta: Dudebuster DDT

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    Despite being pretty much the biggest jobber on the WWE roster right now, Trent Barreta still has a pretty awesome finishing manoeuvre.

    The Dudebuster DDT, or Springboard Tornado DDT for the technical ones among you, is pretty similar to Christian's Tornado DDT, although it looks 10 times cooler.

    Unfortunately, Barreta is never likely to be more than a WWE Superstars main-eventer.

4. Curt Hawkins: The Taste of Pain

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    Unlike his former tag team partner Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins still finds himself main-eventing WWE Superstars and mooching about on NXT.

    The Taste of Pain, also known as a flipping back suplex, is a pretty awesome move when performed on guys of his own size.

    Let's face it, we won't be seeing him performing this on the Big Show or Mark Henry any time soon, for more reasons than one.

3. Darren Young: Gut Check

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    The self-proclaimed "Mr. No Days Off" has had a lot of practice at this particular move, thanks to the seventy-to-a-hundred episodes of NXT Redemption which have been taped.

    His jumping gutbuster looks pretty devastating in action, even more so from the top rope.

    Maybe we'll see it on Smackdown or Raw sometime soon. Maybe.

2. Skip Sheffield: Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder

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    Skip Sheffield has been out of action for a long while thanks to an ankle injury sustained at a house show.

    Rumour has it that he could be returning to the WWE ring in the near future, however this time repackaged under the name Ryback.

    Seriously, Ryback?

    We'll ignore that for now, just check out his sick backpack stunner which could be hitting our screens any time in the near future.

1. Tyler Reks: The Burning Hammer

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    Now onto the guy that inspired me to put this little article together. Tyler Reks' Burning Hammer has not only got a cool name, but it also looks like it packs quite a punch.

    Despite the awesome-ness of the Argentine Backbreaker DDT (even that bit sounds cool!) we're more likely to see him performing this move on TNA Impact Wrestling than we are on Raw.