Has the WWE Put an X on Sex?

Lewis HennigCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

Sex sells. It's not a new discovery, it's something that people have known for a long, long time. The WWE is one of the many companies that has seemed to take notice over the years in marketing their material.

Through the years, we have seen everything the WWE could throw at us in terms of stepping over the line. Sable's bikini for her bikini contest with Jacqueline, Val Venis' penis chopping, Edge and Lita's live sex show, and of course Kelly Kelly the exhibitionist.

Looking at the list, I can still think of plenty more that have happened that are as obscene or controversial as anything on that list. But what is really interesting is the fact that we see so much oriented around the WWE divas.

Now I am not saying let's see more men get half-naked, that's not my lifestyle, not that there's anything wrong with that. But divas have relied heavily on the use of sex appeal to create and further their storylines.

The most ridiculous matches that can happen usually do happen in conjunction with female wrestling.

Bra and panties matches, fulfill your fantasy match, and even a water balloon fight have occurred in divas competition, often for titles or title shots.

The credibility of women's competition has come into discussion varies times surrounding these situations.

And it does only happen inside the ring, WWE has had it's divas cross into the world of Playboy to market their sex appeal further. This seems to be a semi-annual tradition with divas appearing nearly once every two years in the magazine.

In more recent memory, commercials claiming that WWE Smackdown has the sexiest women in wrestling have excluded showing either Victoria or Natalya along with the rest of the divas.

These two are among the more muscular, or dare I say butch women competitors on the show. It seems quite clear why these two were left off the ad.

But recently WWE seems to have shied away from it's over-the-top marketing of the divas sex appeal. Sure the outfits may still be as skimpy, or skimpier than ever, but that is not the most noticeable change.

When has the last bra and panties match happened? Or the last time Kelly Kelly performed an expose'? And I think it's fair to say that pudding matches and gravy matches have been on vacation for a while as well.

I am happy that for once women wrestling can return to what it should be, wrestling. It would seem that the women's division has put a lot of push on skills lately and vast improvements can be seen in many divas.

Kelly Kelly is a diva who has made great leaps in her wrestling skills. Maryse would also fall into the category.

People may have once called WWE on hiring only blonde-haired, big-busted, thin women for the sole basis of marketing their sex appeal and not their wrestling.

While I agree that that may be the case in hiring, it seems that for some reason the divas have striven to become better in the ring themselves. Or this could just be a new direction on WWE's behalf as well.

I am not cheering the fact that we lost a lot of what could be called "skin shows," but I am applauding the fact that we are now seeing some actual credible wrestling from the women.

I think we have reached a spot where a good medium can be found for both skill and sex. And I know there are still many wrestling fans who don't give two hoots about the divas matches, but really they are the ones missing out.

For although we can all enjoy the lingerie matches they do, I get to enjoy watching these women put on a good show to which many seem biased against.

Thus the double-edged blade emerges. The more they push the wrestling skills of divas, the less many male fans like the divas division, as they only care for the "lady lumps."

I think though that divas such as Mickie James and Beth Phoenix are front runners in divas who are slowly changing many people's minds about this, as they bring talent and a good deal of looks into the ring with them.

They may not be the prettiest divas, but they are among the most skilled in the women's division.

I hope WWE keeps taking these baby steps to even out the divide between diva competition and diva "sexploitation," but I also fear that it may just be a cycle which will eventually revert back to a lack of talented divas, but an abundance of silicon.