Arsenal Transfer News: Club in Battle to Sign Left-Back Luke Shaw

H AndelAnalyst IIIJanuary 11, 2012

Arsenal's latest Interest
Arsenal's latest Interest

Arsenal continue to search for defenders to cover the full-back situation. The latest target is Luke Shaw who plays for Championship side, Southampton.

According to The Independent, he is "rated as one of the best prospects in English football." They report that the 16-year-old has attracted attention from both Chelsea and Manchester City who also seek to sign the teen.

Southampton value Shaw at £4 million, a price tag well within Arsenal's means. The Independent reports:

Arsenal have so far been confident of signing the player, having also secured Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from the club in the last six years.

Here are few things to note:

Although it may be profitable for Arsenal to sign the teen, he is not the solution for the current full-back problem since he is yet to even make a first-team debut for Southampton.

Given that he is a hot prospect who has attracted the attention of rival Premiership clubs, it may be a good prospect for Arsenal to sign him, for although he may not play immediately for Arsenal, he seems like a good future investment.

The Independent notes that at £4 million, Southhampton's asking price is on the steep side. This may militate against Arsenal's interest in the lad, given the fact of the club's economic policy.

Nevertheless, since the major Premiership clubs are currently in a rat-race to develop their academies, Arsenal may well be advised to sign the lad instead of allowing Chelsea or Manchester City the honors.