Tim Tebow Video: John Parr Creates Comedy Magic with 'Tim Tebow's Fire'

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Just when I thought the Tim Tebow story couldn't get anymore silly, John Parr comes in to take this junk to a whole new level. 

Do you remember St. Elmo's Fire? It was made when film was film and before Andrew McCarthy sold his soul to make the Weekend at Bernie's movies. Anyway, John Parr wrote the theme song to the movie. 

Well, he has now re-made the original using Tebow in the place of St. Elmo's, and the outcome is a perfect cocktail of humor and nausea. 

Oh, yeah. I never said that you wouldn't be hit with a complex wave of emotions. You see, anytime the original song is played, I am immediately taken back to the 80's. I may or may not also pump my fist. 

However, the song is just ruined for me, as Tebow is slapped in there for no apparent reason other than Parr had trouble coming up with another song as good as St. Elmo's Fire. 

The lyrics to this epic ode to silly can be found at the KDVR website. I only hope that someone was emailed the lyrics and didn't actually have to type them out, because it would have taken forever with all the giggling. 

This is not animosity for Tebow, a man that I am sure has never turned away a hug. This is for the hype over a quarterback that is just doing his job. 

While he continues to win, something Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers seem to be doing with some competency, Tebow is getting washed-up musicians to actually get up off the couch and get back into the recording studio. 

If he wins the Super Bowl, I am guessing they re-shoot the movie and cast Tebow in Judd Nelson's part. 

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