Ben Roethlisberger and 10 Biggest Male Athlete Fashion Fails: The Hat Edition

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIJanuary 13, 2012

Ben Roethlisberger and 10 Biggest Male Athlete Fashion Fails: The Hat Edition

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    Renowned journalist and writer Katharine Whitehorn once wrote: "Hats divide generally into three classes: offensive hats, defensive hats and shrapnel."

    So I beseech you, as you read the article, duck down because a whole lot of shrapnel is flying your way.

    Click on and recoil from these, the most heinous athlete hat faux pas in history.

Honorable Mention: Spike Lee's Red Ushanka

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    Not an athlete, but a huge Knicks fan

    Here he's watching his team play looking теплый yet глупый.

10. James Hinchcliffe's Canadian Hat

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    Hinchcliffe's dopey Maple Leaf cap, which he wore before the 2011 Indianapolis 500, makes his long angular face look, well, longer and "angularer."

    And nothing against Canada or a sense of patriotism, but the hat is far more Seuss-ian than Canadian.

9. Shaq's Sedge Hat

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    Okay, so Shaq may have been playing a character here, but still, not a good look for someone accused of being racist against Asians.

8. Charles Barkley's Sombrero

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    Holy frijole!

    Charles, three questions for you:

    a) Why?

    b) Do you realize the 50 people seated behind you can't see a thing?

    c) Were you commemorating Latin Week in the NBA or mocking it?  

7. Bruce Grobbelaar's Zebra-Banded Fedora

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    If Tarzan ate Al Capone's hat and pooped it out, this abomination would be the result.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Pink

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    So, you're comfortable with your sexuality.

    Duly noted.

    Still a ridiculous look, Cristiano.

5. Tom Brady's Panama Hat

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    Brady wore this to the Derby at Churchill Downs in May of 2011.

    Apparently, he was trying to ride a new trend.

    The track veterinarian considered shooting him out of mercy.

4. Diego Maradona's Castro Cap

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    Yeah, we get it. Fidel is your chum, The United States is evil. Blah blah blah.

3. Kobe Bryant's White Hat

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    Alex in "A Clockwork Orange?"

    Brad Pitt's artsy Euro look?

    The stylist claims she was going for Tupac Shakur.

    Does she know who Tupac is? Apparently she mistook him for a character from a steam punk novel.

2. Dennis Rodman in a Veil

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    Brings to mind the dying words of Special Forces Colonel Walter E. Kurtz.

1. Ben Roethlisberger's Fedora

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    Oh Ben, what were you thinking?

    A respectable season comes to an end...couldn't you have capped it off with something that didn't accentuate your big doughy face and launch a barrage of cyber-world mockery?