Manny Pacquiao: Floyd Mayweather's Challenge Will Result in Fight Everyone Wants

Nicholas GossCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2012

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 17:  Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. speaks at a post-fight news conference after he defeated Victor Ortiz to win the WBC welterweight title at the MGM Grand Garden Arena September 17, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather's challenge to Manny Pacquaio to fight him on May 5 will result in the epic bout that every boxing fan has been anxiously awaiting for years.

Mayweather took to Twitter on Tuesday in order to call out Pacquiao for a possible fight.

While both fighters have done their part to prolong the process of putting together a fight between them, neither will back down this time. With Mayweather facing jail time later in the year, he is certainly looking to fight Pacquiao before then so he doesn't have to when he gets out of jail.

Pacquiao should take on Mayweather's challenge and fight him at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which Money May has reportedly booked for May 5.

Pacquiao is one of the best fighters of the last decade, but he will be unable to place himself among the all-time greats unless he fights and beats Mayweather.

With Mayweather putting this challenge on the line, he has no excuse to back out. If he were playing poker with Pacquiao, he would be all in right now. He's not getting any younger, and Pacquiao wasn't dominating in his last bout with Juan Manuel Marquez in November.

This is a smart move by Mayweather because now he puts all the pressure of finalizing this bout on Pacquiao. If Pacquiao backs out and refuses to fight him, Mayweather can tell all the disappointed boxing fans that he's not to blame.

Pacquiao can beat Mayweather, and there is a very little chance that either gets embarrassed with an early-round knockout.

There is no reason for Pacquaio to decline this challenge from Mayweather, because this fight could cement his legacy as one of the best boxers ever.

Not only do these two fighters need this bout for their careers, the sport needs it to grow and generate more interest in boxing. Casual sports fans that don't even care about boxing will tune into this fight, that's how big this bout will be.

With Mayweather sending a challenge to Pacquiao, it's time to finally put the foolishness between the two in the past to the side and get this fight ready for May 5 in Las Vegas.