Should The NFL Change The Playoff Format?

Dan CallagyContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

Despite playing their tails off through snow, rain, and cold, the New England Patriots, along with other teams, were robbed of the NFL playoffs, and a chance at the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Despite having an 11-5 record, sixth best in the NFL, the Patriots didnt make the playoffs. Along with the Patriots teams like, the Bears, and Buccaneers were also robbed of a spot.

Hey Roger, time to change the playoff format?

I think it is unfair how, when the Patriots were tied for 6th best record in the NFL, the other three teams who were 11-5, did get in the playoffs. 

Think its time for a new playoff format yet, Mr.Goodell? Think its time for the best six records in the conference should get a spot in the playoffs?

Not only did the Patriots have Matt Casell start after All-star QB Tom Brady goes down with an ACL tear, they almost beat the Steelers, Colts, and Jets. In one of the Jets game, Casell threw for 400+ yards and led the Pats back from a 28 point halftime deficit, to force OT. Casell and the injury prone Patriots did all this just to make the playoffs. 

I give the Dolphins 100 percent congrats on going from worst to first, from 1-15 to 11-5. But look at their schedule. they played four teams, including the Pats and Jets, that had a record over .500 this year. Only played the Chargers once, and never played a single playoff team, from this year, except the Chargers and Ravens.

Not a very tough schedule. No one expected the Dolphins to be that good this year so they probably got an easy schedule because of last year.

The other two 11-5 teams that made the playoffs, Ravens and Falcons, also had extremely easy schedules. The falcons played 10 teams under .500. But they did play the Panthers twice, and Chargers once. Beat the Panthers once and the chargers their one time they played them.

The Ravens, had eight opponents under .500 and only played the Steelers twice that was actually tough for them. They never played the Titans or Patriots, never played the Chargers or Jets.

Convinced yet Roger Goodell? You should be.