The Time Has Come for Ram Fans to Address the White Elephant in the Corner

john dmytrukCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

Lately, I read many articles on this site that speculate the Rams' future, and the writers have built their speculations on sound foundations.  Some have said that a first round draft pick could mean a quick turn around for the team while others say a new coach will do the trick.  Yet, none of these will impact the currant situation until we discuss the white elephant in the corner.

In one article that I read, the author laid out his case for the first round pick.  He had a good suggestion for later round picks, and he laid his reasons like an attorney laying his case before his jury.  He had me agreeing except he skipped the white elephant.

In a couple of other articles, the authors laid out their cases for a new coach even though several of the of the players want Haslett to return.  They made sound cases even if they shut out the players' opinions. But at last they ignored the elephant.

You know even the media has ignored the elephant or has forgotten about it, and I bet you even forgot about it.

Well I haven't because during different parts of the offseason this topic has been addressed.  Articles have appeared at various times about the sale of the team.  The first came right after the death of Georgia, and in it they wrote that the siblings would not sell the team.

Around the same time, Steve Jackson spoke in an interview how players had been upset about rumors of a possible sale.  Then finally the 49'ers owners brought up the sale again.

The summer had been the last time that you had heard about the sale of the team, but we shouldn't, as fans, forget the possible sale.  Just as the players have a stake in the sale, so do we as fans, especially if you live in Saint Louis and are season ticket holders.

Along with this rumor of sale, came another rumor of a move.  According to this rumor, the team would move to vacant LA.  The good news for fans in Saint Louis is that this can't happen until 2010 when the lease ends. 

If this teams does leave Saint Louis, so will the jobs that the team provided for local residents. 

I didn't write this to say that solid draft picks or a new coach won't help, but when new owners come so do wholesale changes. I want the Chip to be honest about a future sale of this team.