Baseball Hall of Fame 2012: Apparently These Guys Are Worthy to Some

GrahamContributor IIIJanuary 10, 2012

The Hall of Fame committee and Major League Baseball refuses to give us vision into the voting process.

Under the cloak of anonymity, the voters have carte blanche to do and vote however they want.

Why we are so concerned with anonymity eludes me. Whether we are voting to change the political landscape of the United States, who gets in the Hall of Fame or for Student Class Treasurer, why the secrecy?

It's a joke.

We need to be held responsible for our actions. We need to be held accountable for the decisions we make.

Voting for induction into the Hall of Fame this year is over. Congratulations to Barry Larkin. His induction is a deserving inclusion.

Now onto the questions.


This year, 2012, these players received votes:

Tim Salmon - five votes

Bill Muller - four votes

Brad Radke - two votes

Eric Young and Javy Lopez - one vote each


In 2011 these players got votes:

Al Leither, John Olerud and Marquis Grissom -  four votes each

BJ Surhoff - two votes

Bret Boone and Benito Santiago - one vote each


In 2010:

Ellis Burks and Eric Karros - two votes each

Pat Hentgen, Kevin Appier and David Sequi - one vote each



I need to know who voted for these guys.

They had nice careers and, for all intents and purposes, appear to be nice enough guys. But Hall of Famers? Are you kidding me?

I need to know why Jeff Bagwell only received 56% of the vote. Is there suspicion surrounding his career? The guy was built like a fullback. Are the voters concerned about his cleanliness?

There has never been a question about validity of Lee Smith's career. He was the menacing closer before there was one. Smith compiled 478 saves before it was a cool stat and before "closer" was a true position.

Why did he only garner 50.6% of the vote?

Until we are given a window into the voting for the Hall of Fame, there will always be questions because the voters know they can do what they want without a hint of responsibility or accountability.