Blazing Bolts Baffle Colts: A Poetic Recap

Alan LupianiCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

The Chargers shocked the Colts last night, 23 -17…

Thanks to Darren Sproles, the ultimate "Mighty Motor" all-purpose back.

Leading the Flash's magnificent running attack.

Sproles put the Chargers on his back last night.  After nearly fumbling it all away, he never gave up the fight.

Call him, “dude electric,” gaining 328 all purpose yards. He made up for his nearly disastrous third quarter bumble with a highlight reel overtime touchdown rumble. 

Go Darren Go!!  You Rock Dude!  Can you say, "Michael “The Burner” Turner X 2?"

LaDainian “new?”  My word!  Darren, you might just win a trip to Disney World!

And then their was this guy named Scifres. The MVP (All-Pro wannabe) punter in baby blue.  Re-inventing “coffin corner” with new meaning.  Scifres strafed and buried the Colts, a one man wrecking crew. 

Did you hear that moan? The Colts have to start their offense again, down by their own end zone?

The Bolts are not quite out of the sand, however, you can add on the Colts as their latest victim, in Qualcomm land.

Didn’t need no Vanderjagt, just a stellar air and ground attack.

Philip Rivers finally emerges?”

Sure, look at all those late game surges!

The Bolts O-line played together, never backing down to Dwight Freeney and the rest of the Colts defensive fraternity.

Let’s face it, “the dudes in the baby blues” just had more energy!

Cover 2? No problem for the Bolts.

Laserlike Phil picked apart the Colts.

Antonio Gates plowed his way down field, ensuring the victory sealed.

What lies in wait for the Chargers, Norv Turner, Ron Rivera, and the rest of the Bolts coaching crew?

We will soon find out as the road leads through Pittsburgh or Tennessee, The AFC’s top, “who’s, who!"

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