Alabama vs. LSU: BCS National Championship Live Blog

Mark Berglund@fbsstatistics.comContributor IIIJanuary 10, 2012

8:16 - Marcus Allen comes out of the closet on the Nissan "Heisman House" commercial.

8:21 - Showing close-ups of the cheerleaders. I regret my choice to attend Purdue.

8:24 - The best college defense that I have ever watched takes the field, Alabama that is.

8:27 - Shocker. Alabama wins the toss and defers. Maybe they will pull a Nebraska and kickoff both halves. If this was the NFL and it went to overtime, they would chose to kick as well.

8:30 - Kickoff.

8:31 - First play. Run for one yard. Will we see a lot of those?

8:32 - Three and out. Will we see a lot of those?

8:33 - Brad Wing is amazing.

13:04 first quarter

8:34 - Alabama goes play action to Smelley, twice. I guess LSU should have spent the day watching ESPN, and they would have been more prepared.

8:37 - Alabama takes ESPN’s recommendation again and continues to pass on first down.

8:38 - Trent Richardson almost makes a great run for a first down.  One of the best running backs I’ve ever watched.

8:59 first quarter

8:43 - Both of these secondaries could replace those in the NFL this weekend, and no one would notice.

8:44 - Miles may need to show a little more guts if LSU is going to score.

8:44 - The first big special teams play goes Alabama’s way—although Maze gets hurt again—and it may have cost the Tide a TD.

6:54 first quarter

8:48 - Big block by Richardson and a run for no gain.

8:50 - Field goal time!

8:51 - He made it! Special teams favoring Alabama, 3-0.

8:54 - Claiborne is lit up on a kickoff return for the second time.

5:00 first quarter

8:55 - LSU goes with a pass on first down.

8:56 - With the first pick of the draft, the Indianapolis Colts trade their defense for Alabama’s.

2:35 first quarter

9:01 - Smelley is the best offense that either team has going. Hopefully, the game will end with a Smelley game-winner.

9:04 - Norwood makes a great catch over the 5'9" Mathieu. I would take the 6'1" Claiborne over the Heisman finalist every time.

Second quarter

9:08 - McCarron with Alabama’s best run of the game.

9:09 - Maybe 'Bama should have just had McCarron run for the first down, or pass.

9:09 - A long field-goal attempt again?

9:09 - Fake! But Underwood doesn’t even reach the ball out. I think he’s short.

9:13 - After review, the play stands. Alabama first down inside the 30.

9:14 - Another pass on first down, and Richardson can’t get going.

9:16 - 40-plus-yarder. What are the odds on him to make it? 5-1?

9:16 - Block.

11:57 second quarter

9:19 - False start No. 2 for LSU. Weren’t they supposed to be the “home” team?

9:20 - Almost a pick-six for Hightower.

9:21 - Fourth down. LSU punts again.

9:22 - Just the offensive shootout that everyone predicted.

10:30 second quarter

9:25 - Another first-down pass trying to get Richardson some room, but LSU is going to make sure that he doesn’t beat them.

9:25 - Richardson stuffed again.

9:26 - McCarron makes a great throw on third down. He’s really come to play this time around.

9:28 - Richardson finally strings together two good runs. Alabama is dominating this game.

9:29 - Richardson goes for over 10 yards. Is LSU wearing down considering how long the defense has been on the field?

9:31 - Lacy gets stuffed on a third-and-one that Richardson could have picked up.

9:32 - Another field-goal attempt, but this one is less than 40 yards and is good.

4:18 second quarter

9:37 - Can LSU convert on third down?

9:37 - Timeout LSU. Can Miles actually come up with a play that can go for over five yards outside of Jefferson scrambling?

9:39 - For the second time on third down, LSU fumbles the snap.

9:39 - Wing is undoubtedly the best player for LSU today.

1:59 second quarter

9:42 - Alabama is looking satisfied with a 6-0 lead with the fact the Tiger offense can’t do anything.

9:43 - McCarron with another good pass. He looks like a completely different player this time around.

9:45 - McCarron escapes the pocket and makes a great throw.

9:46 - Hanks breaks away from Mathieu for an extra three or four yards to set up a manageable field goal. I don’t think Claiborne has allowed a reception all day.

9:47 - Announcer discussing who will kick the field goal. Why would Saban ever bring in Foster for this field goal? Good kick by Shelley.

9:48 - 9-0 at the half. Again, no touchdowns.

9:50 - Food break.

10:13 - Another completion over Mathieu.

10:13 - Hanks gets a block on Mathieu to get a big play inside the 25. The Honey Badger isn’t too intimidating tonight.

10:14 - Hanks makes another big play. Good call by ESPN on naming Hanks the X-factor. If the analysts for ESPN could predict Alabama’s offense, how is it working so well?

10:15 - Huge break for Alabama that the tipped pass fell to the ground in a group of Tigers.

10:15 - Field goal! 12-0 Alabama.

12:49 third quarter

10:20 - LSU blows a chance for a big play on a late pass and a drop.

10:20 - Beckham open again, and this time it’s completed for LSU’s best play of the game. Why didn’t Alabama adjust coverage after the previous play?

10:21 - Another stuffed run. If LSU wants to score, it will have to be done though the air.

10:21 - On what looked like it could have been a good drive, Upshaw comes unblocked and makes the sack.

10:22 - Another punt upcoming for LSU. Look at the bright side; the Tigers' best player gets to come on the field.

10:23 - That fair catch signal wasn’t clear enough. Don’t like the 15-yard penalty. Either way, LSU has to get 12 points on the board, which looks highly unlikely right now. Miles better put his hat on if the Tigers are going to punch in two touchdowns after six-plus quarters without one.

10:04 third quarter

10:27 - Beautiful pass by McCarron. If he played this way every game, this Alabama team would be the greatest team ever.

10:29 - Punt time for 'Bama. Can LSU make this a game please? Unfortunately, I don’t think Mathieu will get much of an opportunity here.

7:48 third quarter

10:34 - What was Jefferson doing? If he keeps, Ware can block, and it’s a bigger gain than if he flips to Ware. At least he made the tackle. It’s time to bring in Lee. If LSU can hold 'Bama to three (or zero), two touchdowns can still tie it up.

6:59 third quarter

10:39 - LSU’s defense steps up on the first play of the drive. If they hold Alabama to zero yards, they could prevent a score.

10:40 - 'Bama on the 23. LSU needs a big play...incomplete.

10:40 - Field goal time! Another block would be huge.

10:40 - No Good! Still 12-0. Can Jarrett Lee come in?

5:38 third quarter

10:41 - Jefferson is still in. What is Miles doing?

10:42 - Back-to-back WR screens. ESPN did mention that Miles likes to repeat plays with just flipping the direction.

10:43 - Sack. Can Lee please come in?!

10:44 - What’s the record for punt yards in a national championship?

3:23 third quarter

10:45 - The LSU defense is wearing down. If the offense could get a first down, it would help.

10:47 - Touchdown!…nope.

10:49 - Screen pass. LSU blows a chance for a huge sack.

10:50 - Field goal time!

10:50 - Alabama 15-0.

0:22 third quarter

10:50 - If Jarrett Lee doesn’t come in, the LSU players need to start a coup.

10:53 - Jefferson is still in! LSU fans need to call up Scooby-Doo and the Mystery, Inc. gang to find out who the guy in the Les Miles costume on the LSU sideline is.

10:57 - LSU has to convert. Good run by Hilliard.

10:58 - Is LSU just trying to run out the clock and go home?

10:59 - Punt?! Just because Wing is your best player doesn’t mean you should punt.

12:07 fourth quarter

11:02 - LSU’s defense better score soon because the offense isn’t going to do anything.

11:04 - LSU gets the sack, but McCarron holds onto the football, which at the moment appears to be the only important thing.

11:05 - Mathieu is tackled on what may be the best chance for LSU to score.

9:44 fourth quarter

11:09 - LSU is on the verge of Alabama territory. How many points does that get? Oh yeah, zero.

11:10 - With 7:53 to play, LSU crosses midfield.

11:12 - Can we pretend that LSU, for some reason, wasn’t allowed to play offense and destroy all evidence that they did?

6:15 fourth quarter

11:17 - Time to run the clock out. Well, this game has been a slight disappointment.

11:20 - After 115 minutes, a touchdown is on the board. Well, I guess all the complainers were right; LSU and Oklahoma State would have made for a more entertaining game. Too bad it would be a battle for No. 2.

11:20 - Who cares about extra points? At least Shelley made five-of-seven field goals.

4:36 fourth quarter

11:25 - Jefferson throws the ball at his receiver’s feet. That only works for Tebow.

11:26 - Another punt attempt for Wing. Seriously, does anyone know what the record for punt yardage is? If not, I say we just give Wing the record by default.

2:47 fourth quarter

11:31 - Behind the greatest defense to ever play, Alabama wins the 2011 national championship, 21-0. What a disappointing game following a great, competitive matchup the first time. If not for the slip-up the first time, I would consider Alabama for the greatest team of all time.


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