Theories from the World Junior Hockey Championship and Spengler Cup

Joe CorsonContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

The World Juniors and the Spengler Cup. Each holiday season, diehard hockey fans gather around the television to watch what is arguably the best and purest hockey played, and the clearest measure of top hockey nation in the world. And then there's the Spengler Cup.

Over the years, these are the top theories to emerge from these two polar opposite tournaments.

  1. Those who push for NHL players at the Olympics should observe how the Juniors each year put on the best pure-hockey show without fail. They should then revisit tapes of the old Canada Cup held for the pros.
  2. It is refreshing to see hard-hitting hockey where one can paste an opponent into the glass and not get jumped and mugged by one of his teammates seconds later.
  3. The NHL, recognizing that their future stars are brought to the next level by the World Juniors, should provide experienced referees in place of the International hodgepodge that attempt to call the games at present. Then again, NHL refs at the World Juniors might lead to NHL play at the World Juniors.
  4. The only spots on a Spengler player without any advertising taped on are their visors and cups... and we're only sure about the visor.
  5. European ad agencies must be working on a one-way ad banner that can be pasted onto a visor without obstructing the player's vision.
  6. When held on European rinks, watching the Juniors control a power play on the large ice surface makes one believe that larger ice is the way to increase hockey and reduce traffic in the NHL.
  7. Replacing veteran journeyman fourth-liners and five-minute per game goons with more of these Junior players will also certainly help.
  8. The real reason why so many Russians opt out of NHL contracts in order to play with less pressure in the Motherland, is in order to qualify for and win the Spengler.
  9. The Spengler Cup, as well as the World Hockey Championship held in April/May each year, are deliberately held at a time when the best Canadian players are employed by NHL Playoff clubs.
  10. The Spengler Cup champs will eventually take on the World Championship squad in a winner take all game televised by Versus. All checking, back-checking, and fore-checking will be banned.