Kobe Bryant Video: Watch Athletes and Celebs Testimonials for Mamba's New Kicks

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Shoot for the stars. Actually nix that, because on the Kobe System, you are going to need bigger aspirations. 

Welcome to a silly commercial that actually does well to typify exactly who Kobe Bryant is as an athlete. If there was a letter before A, Kobe Bryant would be that type of personality. He is beyond driven, a man that feeds of anger and blah, blah. 

You can watch the video which basically states the same exact thing. For the superstar that plays in Los Angeles, it was only natural that Nike would get some big stars and heavy hitters to sit down and say what it means to be on the Kobe system.

Consider this a set of luminaries for aspirations.  

So what is the Kobe system good for? By all accounts, it is perfect for folks that want to be a little more awesome at what they do. Perhaps you are Richard Branson of the renowned Virgin Group. In the video he makes known he bought a planet. 

Comedian Aziz Ansari contemplates doing stand-up in a volcano, Hope Solo wants to have a medal that is more precious than gold and Landon Donovan wants to know if you can put a ring on a ring.  

Even Jerry Rice wants to know if there is such thing as a no-handed catch. The point is to shoot past your next goal to another goal that seems pretty much impossible. 

That, my friends, is the Kobe system. I am currently working on looking like Brad Pitt and learning to write just one word more than Bill Simmons with every post. I will have to lose about a million pounds and learn to write 200 words per minute, but that is the power of the Kobe system. 

Championships, titles, raises, awards and accolades are not going to win themselves. Forget Mike, I wanna be like Kobe. 

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