What's New and Now: The Coolest Viral Sports Videos of the Week

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistJanuary 9, 2012

What's New and Now: The Coolest Viral Sports Videos of the Week

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    The internet is a wonderful place. Every day new videos pop up for our amusement, from adorable cats to huge fails to funny music videos.

    The sports world is no different. We get a ton of great videos on a daily basis, and who doesn't like to be the one to show off those videos to your friends and be the first one to know about these things?

    So if you want to be up on what's new and now, check out the best viral sports videos of the week.

Moves Like Badger

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    If you're like most warm-blooded Americans, you're probably really, really sick of Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger," by this point. Or maybe you were always annoyed.

    Well, I've got some bad news for you, it was actually made somewhat likable now. Some genius changed the words, threw in some of Randall's Honey Badger, and made a thoroughly enjoyable video dedicated to LSU's most enigmatic player.

    Try not to whistle it after you watch this.

The "Dirtiest" Basketball Players Ever

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    This video of some high school "enforcers" going around the internet has sparked a ton of outrage from people about how dirty these kids are. Enough, I say.

    I played high school ball. These kids are nothing more than uncoordinated jerks, but you see fouls harder than this one a daily basis in high school ball. It's just some overprotective parent getting all overprotective.

    They lost me from the first "flagrant foul" which, shockingly, just a foul. And it was called correctly. Have your kid play tennis if you don't want them to have any contact.

Oh, He's Grounded

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    Less than a week before Alabama and LSU faced off once more in the BCS National Championship, 5-star recruit Landon Collin picked between the two teams as to who he'd be playing for next year.

    His family is from Louisiana and is obviously big Tiger fans, so when Collins picked Alabama...let's just say Momma wasn't too thrilled about that one.

    Her reaction was priceless.

Brunette Girls

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    What was the Michigan kicker thinking about when he lined up the Sugar Bowl winning kick? Brunette girls, apparently.

    This guy looks like a total bro, so that doesn't really surprise me. At least it got the job done. And the fact that he wasn't thinking about blond girls is a victory for brunettes everywhere.

Rejected Doritos Super Bowl Ad

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    Doritos has been running the campaign for about five years now having folks create a Super Bowl ad for them. Well one of the rejected ads in particular has been making the rounds on the internet, and nobody can seem to figure out why this was one rejected. It's amazing.

    Maybe Doritos will see how much the internet loves it and do the right thing. I want to see this during the Super Bowl.

Sideline Celebration

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    I would venture a guess that 90 percent of us out there have known the feeling of being a benchwarmer before. It's not the greatest thing in the world, but there's two ways you can go about it.

    1. You can sulk. Sit on the bench and be pissed about how you're so much better than Jason, but the coach just likes him better. Or...

    2. You can be a great teammate and support your team with enthusiasm from the bench. Actually, there's a third option.

    3. Go absolutely nuts every time your team does something good. Dance, shake a towel, or pretend that you are the legendary Thor confined to the sidelines.

Tim Howard Hits an Okay Shot

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    Scoring a soccer goal has to be one of the most difficult feats in sports. You wouldn't see 0-0 ties if it was easy.

    Scoring a goal from far out is even harder.

    Scoring a goal from your own goalie box while you are in fact the goalie is damn near impossible, but Tim Howard did it any way.

    Howard became just the fourth goalie in EPL history to score a goal. And Everton still lost. Guess you can't expect a guy to provide the scoring and save all the shots as well.

Refs Are Bad at Math

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    Tie ball game with 21 seconds left, Louisiana beat Western Kentucky with a layup with three seconds to go. To be fair, it must have been hard for WKU to guard the six players on the court.

    Nobody caught it in time and the game ended. The refs missed it, but unfortunately so did WKU coach Ken McDonald. This was apparently the straw that broke the camel's back, as McDonald was fired the next day.

Monster Youth Football Hit

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    Have you ever been watching a youth football game, or any other sport for that matter. There's always the one kid out there that you swear has to be in high school. He's got a mustache for goodness sakes.

    It seems like the kid in the video might be one of those kids, because the hurt he put on that poor wide receiver seemed like something a grown man would dish out.

    In related news, Roger Goodell just fined that kid $10k.

This Is Why You Don't Propose at Sporting Events

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    Let me just start out by saying I think this is totally fake. Teams love to have actors come and do the "rejected marriage proposal" thing to get a little extra pub.

    However, let me be the first to say that if it was real, serves that guy right. You never propose at a game or really anywhere in public unless you're dead certain, bet your mother's life kind of certain that she will say yes. Like "she's told you before she wants to get married" kind of certain.

    It's not worth the risk, ever.

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