My Favorite Bleacher Report Wrestling Writers, That No Longer Write

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJanuary 3, 2009

When I stumbled upon this site last May I found a website with a Pro Wrestling section full of fantastic writers that I looked up to and sort of idolized.

I studied their work and found very interesting and diverse opinions on the sport, if you wish to call pro wrestling a sport. I found myself to be a very small part of something fantastic. A social network for wrestling fans to share opinions and ideas. "Brilliant" I thought to myself.

I came across some awesome writers who I still hold in a very high regard. So here are the greatest Bleacher Report Wrestling Writers that no longer write:


Cory Colgan: This Ring of Honor fan boy always left me the most thought out well written responses and rewarded everyone so much insight into the world of indie wrestling with his articles on ROH. He is a very smart guy and always knows what he was talking about and I haven't heard from him in over 2 months know.

I haven't received word from Corey on why he left I assume he is a college student getting right back into his hectic life of school after a long summer break.


Ryan: To be fair I recently got a comment from Ryan explaining his absence:


Be gone a bit from the site, I know, but I haven't forgotten about this place and hope to be back to contributing soon. Sometimes things in life take precedent and things get hectic. Thanks for dropping me a line to see what's been up and I hope to be back in the not too distant future."

Ryan has been gone for over a month and I fear he too has left us. I got my hard work ethic from Ryan. He never put out "half ass" articles that look like they took 30 minutes to put together.

He always offered the Wrestling Section well thought out opinionated articles that made everyone of his readers think and I really like that about him.


Tony Mendoza: Tony was my favorite writes throughout the summer months because he had such a different view on things than I do and it was a pleasure reading his articles just to see what crazy opinion he had on the Kane/Rey Mysterio storyline or whatever it was.

Update!!!!-  It seems Tony has returned after a long absence. So I stand corrected, good for Tony.


Adam Wright: My favorite Bleacher Report Wrestling writer of all time comes from "The Great White North". Everything I learned on this site I learned from Adam. He was the first and only person who offered me any help when I needed it.

I'm not placing him here so much for his articles, but his views were very much similar to mine. Were not ones to follow a popular opinion. We take a diffident and sometimes unpopular approach to a subject and I thought it was cool to meet someone like that other than me. Here was Adam Wright’s statement for why he has not shown himself in over 4 months:

"Hey man!

Dude, I've been so busy lol Back in University. I'm taking Journalism, so all my writing energy goes to it. Plus I write a TV column in the Campus Newspaper, so I haven't had time to write for the BR. I miss it though!

I checked...holy shit what's up with the site! lol Did an upgrade happen or something, everything is different... lol

Anyways, I'm alive, don't worry! lol



Well good writers come and go, but I'm still here. Ross Rutherford isn't going anywhere despite many of my favorite writers and friends gone from the site I remain steadfast to find time to write for you, my readers, because someone has to keep you thinking and lets be honest it is not going to be Joe Burgett and his "Breaking News".