Baylor's Lazy Play Against South Carolina Gamecocks Proves Costly

Lance O'BrienCorrespondent INovember 1, 2016

Baylor lost to the South Carolina last night 85-84.  I went to the game in Waco and came away pretty disappointed in what I saw.  Sure most teams are granted a loss in non-conference play against a team that they should beat (i.e. OU vs Arkansas or Syracuse vs Cleveland State) but the reason that I'm upset is because this was the LAST game before conference starts.

Most second tier basketball teams lose a non-conference sometime in middle December.  This is the slowest time of the season with non-conference cupcakes stacking up and players dealing with semester finals.  Baylor almost blew a game or two in that stretch as well, but pulled it out in the end and went through non-conference undefeated. 

Well that is until the final game of the non-conference schedule, a game against an SEC school in which Baylor came out as flat as they did against UTA. 

Now, I believe that Scott Drew is the perfect coach for Baylor, but he has got to get his team to realize that there is a reason that they scheduled USC as their last game before conference starts, he wanted the team to come out and play like they were ready for their real season to start. 

Instead the Bears came out flat, Lace couldn't make a shot while making numerous fouls, Dou was stuffed straight up on a weak dunk attempt, and Dugat (who is my favorite player) took irrational shots the entire first half. 

But the real problem was Tweety not being able to guard Downey; and until there was only a short amount of time left, he was switched off the much quicker guard.

Ok, I know this is a long rant, but I'm worried because the problem that I've seen in the past is that Baylor does not respond well after a loss.  And although they play the Red Raiders next week (who lose by over 40 to Stanford) I could see this team coming out without a fire again.

Hopefully this year is different and a team full of seniors will actually come out and take responsibility for their lack of effort and use that as fuel for the rest of the season.