Being Raised in Boston, Will Tyler Seguin Grow into a "Big Bad Bruin"?

Max von KleistContributor IIIJanuary 7, 2012

Tyler Seguin gets set to take a faceoff
Tyler Seguin gets set to take a faceoff

The team a player starts his NHL career on can have a significant impact on what type of player he eventually turns out to be. Each coach has his own system, and those unique systems require players to play a certain way. Each team also has its own identity which plays a major role in how a player governs his play.

Every player on the Nashville Predators, a team built on defense and hard work, can hold his own defensively and plays with grit and persistence.

Every player on the Detroit Red Wings, a team based around offense and calculated play, plays with intelligence and can put the puck in the back of the net. When do you see a fighter come out of the Red Wings organization? So far this season, the Red Wings are 30th in the league with only six fighting majors. 

The Boston Bruins, however, are second in the league with 27. And after this morning's Stanley Cup Final rematch game with the Vancouver Canucks in which several fights took place, they are poised to take over the No. 1 spot. 

Every player on the Boston Bruins, a team with perhaps the most established identity—big, tough, and mean, is willing to drop the gloves and throw the body.

So how will growing up with the Bruins affect Tyler Seguin? There are two ways the 19-year-old sensation's career could go. He could either remain a flashy and skilled player that stays away from scuffles like a Pavel Datsyuk, Rick Nash, or Steven Stamkos, or he could become a tough and mean sniper like a Ryan Kesler, or Jarome Iginla.

With Seguin coming up in the Bruins organization, my money is on the latter. 

Watching the kid play, he plays with a level of confidence and ferocity that is in tune with the Bruin identity.

Only time will tell if he maintains his skilled and non-confrontational style of play or if he evolves into a full fledged "Big Bad Bruin".