Liverpool: Tom Adeyemi Alleges "Racist Abuse" from Kop End

Peter CarrollContributor IIIJanuary 7, 2012

Adeyemi consoled by Gerard moments after incident
Adeyemi consoled by Gerard moments after incident

Last night, The Guardian reported that Tom Adeyemi had made a report to the Merseyside Police which alleges that the 20-year-old suffered racial abuse on two occasions during the Red's 5-1 win in last night's FA Cup tie. 

Ten minutes from the time it appeared, the young Lactic was on the verge of tears and seemed to be involved in a verbal altercation with supporters, or a supporter, before Liverpool's Steven Gerard and Dirk Kuyt rushed over to console the young man. 

This morning, The Daily Mail have also published an account from a witness sitting close to the Kop that said he heard "a single voice" shout the slur "You f****** black b******" to the Oldham number 11. The article also suggests that the incident may have been connected to two young fans who were wearing the controversial t-shirts that the Liverpool team wore in support of Luis Suarez during the racist probe. 

The Mail also confirmed that Liverpool have released a statement on the situation:

An incident occurred in the second half of the match which is now being investigated by both the club and the police. We will continue to work with the police to establish the details of what actually happened and will make a further statement in due course.

The Merseyside Police also released some information including the fact no one has been arrested in relation to the incident. 

Merseyside Police can confirm that no one has been arrested this evening (Friday, 6 January) on suspicion of racially aggravated behaviour during tonight's FA Cup fixture at Anfield.

However, the Force and Liverpool Football Club are investigating following an incident that occurred during the second half of the game.

The aim of the investigation is to establish the full circumstances surrounding the incident to ascertain if any action needs to be taken.

Lactic's manager Paul Dickov claimed that he had not spoken to Adeyemi, but did comment that the player was very emotional after the game and upset with what had happened. 

From my point of view I have not spoken to Tom about it but I know the kid and something has been said.

He is a placid boy, a kid who has been well-educated with a fantastic temperament and has been with us since the end of August and I've never seen him raise his voice. For him to react like that it is obvious something has been said but what has been said I don't know because I've not had a chance [to ask] - I was too busy praising my players.

He is fine now. He has calmed down. He is a laid-back kid who just gets on with business.

Our players went and calmed him down and the Liverpool players did as well, which was fantastic and is why they are top professionals.

I have been told the police are investigating it but that is all I know.

Despite Dickov's praise of the Liverpool players, there is no doubt that this is the last thing that Dalglish and Co. want coming off the ban of Luis Suarez due to racist comments made to Patrice Evra and the fire surrounding their actions throughout that ordeal.