WWE Friday Night Smackdown: Daniel Bryan Cheats to Win Again!

Amber GibbsCorrespondent IIJanuary 7, 2012

Daniel Bryan after winning World Heavy Weight Title at TLC in December
Daniel Bryan after winning World Heavy Weight Title at TLC in December

World Heavy Weight Champion, Daniel Bryan, one of the so called “underrated superstars” on the WWE roster, is turning into a Class A tool. The way the current storyline is going, a heel turn is clearly ahead. But turning heel does not make you the man for the job. It seems that Daniel Bryan is in over his head and everyone knows it, even him.

In November, Daniel Bryan tried to cash in his Money in the Bank suitcase on Mark Henry after the Big Show encouraged him to take advantage of the chance, he failed. The decision was later overturned by Teddy Long, Bryan was given his suitcase back and as a bonus, he received a legitimate match with the World’s Strongest Man, which he lost! Ironically enough, last month at TLC the Big Show was the victim of Bryan’s successful underhanded attempt at winning the belt.

One could say he was following in the footsteps of Edge, CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio, but the only problem with that is, each time one of these guys snagged the championship they were outright jerks and everyone knew it. In Daniel Bryan’s case everyone cheered as he jumped around after pinning an already disoriented Big Show and continued to cheer him (though he might have received the dimmest set of cheers among CM Punk, Zack Ryder and Daniel Bryan) straight into Monday Night Raw.

The WWE Universe praised him for pulling one over on both Mark Henry and the Big Show. Did no one stop and say, “Hey, he can’t actually beat either of these men straight up"?  All of the signs were there and tonight was no different. On this week’s episode of WWE Friday Night: SmackDown, it was the Big Show’s rematch against Bryan for the World Heavy Weight Championship. After minutes went by of Bryan being slapped on and thrown around, with a few defensive kicks here and there and one grand effort to make the Big Show submit, Bryan had to resort to picking a fight with Mark Henry outside the ring.

Henry was participating in guest commentary. Daniel Bryan used Henry’s short fuse to cause a disqualification and retain his World Heavy Weight Championship. This, in addition to his sudden obnoxious attitude earlier in the night with AJ and Alicia Foxx and his interrupting promo with the Big Show, gained him many boos from the SmackDown crowd and can only mean it's heel time for Daniel Bryan. He could be compared to Christian and his fluke of a title run, but at least Christian could hold his own with Randy Orton on his best day.

The only way to resolve a skeptic’s belief that Bryan is in way too deep is by making him face two of the biggest men in sports entertainment together. Let’s see a triple threat match between himself, the Big Show and Mark Henry. Let's see a legitimate win or a good match at a loss. On the plus side, the crowd’s love for the underdog has ceased to exist as of tonight and that is a victory in itself.