Louisiana-Lafayette Basketball Video: WKU's Ken McDonald Fired After 6-Man Loss

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 6, 2012

I am not sure what part of this story is more disturbing. 

What we have here is an overtime victory garnered after the winning team had six men on the court and didn't use them. Stranger still is that none of the veteran officials caught the infraction. Even more bizarre is the losing head coach is now looking for a job. 

Let's break it all down from the beginning, shall we? 

Louisiana-Lafayette came out of the final timeout of the game against Western Kentucky. Only, they came out with six players rather than five. 

The game went on with Elfrid Payton taking the ball and never once taking advantage of his extra teammate—or any teammate, for that matter. Payton goes Kobe Bryant as he dribbles around and hits the game-winning layup. 

Not one of the officials called a technical as their heads were too far up some place stinky. However, there may now be repercussions. ESPN reports Sun Belt officials are none too pleased with the gaffe and may suspend the veteran crew. 

I mean, I can sort of buy football officials missing something this blatant, but this is six dudes wearing red. That kind of thing is hit-you-over-the-head easy to spot. 

That is not the end of it, though. Sadly, the Western Kentucky coach, after finding out that he had been done dirty on the court, was axed after the game. 

Director of Athletics Ross Bjork broke the news that head coach Ken McDonald had been fired. This was not because he was bamboozled on the court, but because of a slow start to the season. 

ESPN's Andy Katz tweets the question of the night, "Does Ken McDonald get fired today if Western Kentucky doesn't lose to ULL with 6 players on court? I'm sure decision made prior, still odd."

This may have been some odd coincidence. I am sure the loss didn't help, though. This goes down as the weirdest story of the week.