Hyroglitches: Should Hossam Ghaly Play for Spurs Again?

David JacobsCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2009

Should Hossam (El Sayed) Ghaly play in a Spurs shirt again?

If Friday night didn't give you enough of an answer from a proportion of fans, you are probably deaf. No offence.

I'm here to (attempt to, at least) weigh up points for and against letting the Egyptian midfielder wear the Spurs shirt once again.



As any decent human being knows, everybody deserves a second chance after doing something wrong. Harry Redknapp, being the lovable softie that he is, invited Ghaly to warm up when he was selected as a substitute at Spurs’ F.A. Cup third round tie with Wigan.

But he was met with a flood of boos as soon as he stood up from his seat, so Redknapp reversed his decision to put Ghaly on the pitch.

His "punishment," though a bit unofficial (exile from the club), has gone on for long enough. His outbursts, however frequent they may have been over his career, can be considered as just spur-of-the-moment. Therefore Spurs fans should give him one more chance to prove his worth at White Hart Lane. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Ghaly had also publicly apologised for his display stating that he never intended to show disrespect. Sounds genuine enough.



Ghaly’s rocky reputation at Spurs emerged in May 2007 against Blackburn Rovers in an English Premier League fixture. At a late time in the match, he was substituted; not sent off, substituted.

Ghaly walked off the pitch in a huff and aggressively threw his shirt on the floor in disgust.

Spurs fans booed and chanted recognisable crowd favourites such as “You’re Not Fit To Wear The Shirt” and possibly “W*nker.”

He was officially disciplined by the club after the match.

We all know that footballers throw wobblies sometimes, just like a recent spat between Ricardo Fuller and his Captain at Stoke City or Vinnie Jones pushing the referee onto his backside after being sent off. However, none of them have ever
thrown their shirt at the floor.

It is highly disrespectful to throw the shirt at the floor, especially if the club in general hasn’t done anything out of line. Being substituted isn’t meant to appear as malicious
(unless you’re a certain Irishman playing for Liverpool right now, but even Keane didn’t throw his shirt when he was angry).



Ghaly is now known for his temper. It wasn’t just at Spurs where it was noticed.
He was about to move to Birmingham City on July 30, 2007, but he became annoyed with their methods of training and allegedly insulting the Birmingham City players.
Consequently, the deal was cancelled days later.

Also, if Paul Jewell had kept Ghaly in Derby County, he (Ghaly) might have got angry there because of being in the Championship, one below the Premiership.

I think he should have one more chance. Decency should prevail. Then if there’s another display like that, no question—get rid of him.

I personally regard the throwing of the shirt as disrespectful. The shirt hasn’t done any harm; and the club themselves haven’t done any harm.

There are many other ways to vent anger, like pushing the referee over.


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